March 27, 2019

Makita chainsaw DCS4630-38 and all you need to know about it

You are looking for a chainsaw and found the company Makita? We have tried the chainsaw Makita DCS4630-38 with five points for you: Range of use, safety, costs and maintenance, comparison of electric and petrol saws and accessories. A short digression at the end about the most important saw types should help you to find the suitable model.

All-round saws for home and garden

Makita works with experts worldwide to develop its products and has set new standards in both technology and design. The chainsaw DCS4630-38 is a relatively small chainsaw, which belongs to the all-round saws. It meets all requirements of semi-professionals as well as hobby craftsmen.

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It is a very compact and powerful petrol chainsaw and convinces as a powerful, mobile and robust tool. The performance is optimal for sawing work in the yard, garden or house, such as sawing firewood or pruning orchards. The rail length of 38cm is perfect for exactly this work, but also for pruning or felling smaller trees. Destapping is usually the most time-consuming step when working with a chainsaw. With this saw, the handles are positioned close to the saw body, allowing controlled work. It is also a very light chainsaw with a weight of 5.1 kg.

Small chainsaw - high safety

Makita sets great value on your safety. Numerous details make it easy to work:

  • The Touch & Stop single lever operation gives you a firm grip on the saw at all times.
  • The vibration damper reduces mechanical vibrations.
  • The optimal chip ejection prevents clogging of the saw even with long chips.
  • The delivery rate of the oil pump is adjustable, the lubricant quantity can thus be adapted to the type of wood and the viscosity of the oil used. This saves resources

Tip: The vibration damper allows you to hold and guide the saw easily and without fatigue. Wherever possible, you should place the saw on the wood so that the vibrations are transmitted to the wood and not to your body.

The saw has a half throttle lock: As soon as the first starting noises are heard after starting with the start cable, set the switch to half throttle lock. Then let the saw warm up briefly and shift the throttle lever from half throttle to full throttle. This is firstly environmentally friendly (saw does not run at full throttle immediately) and secondly serves your safety (check stand again, fold down privacy screen, etc.). Another detail: The engine block is made with the magnesium die casting process. Magnesium is as light as plastic, but it lasts much longer.

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Costs and maintenance - disadvantages of a petrol chainsaw

  • The costs for a petrol saw are higher than for an electric saw.
  • Noise and stench are - despite improved technology - further negative points of a petrol chainsaw.
  • The maintenance of a petrol chainsaw is much more complex than the maintenance of an electric chainsaw

Tip: Use the manufacturer's fuel and don't - for a few cents less - get your own mixture at the gas station. These blends contain harmful benzenes and aromatics.

Electric or petrol? Advantages and disadvantages of the electric chainsaw

The electric chainsaw can be an inexpensive alternative to the petrol chainsaw:

  • no smell
  • considerably less noise
  • lower costs
  • fast commissioning

are essential advantages of this saw. However, the battery is exhausted after a relatively short time.

Chainsaw oil and chainsaw sharpener - important accessories

The accessories include a saw bar, a saw chain, bar protection and assembly tools. By the way, every chainsaw has to be extensively serviced after one working day. Filter maintenance on the Makita is tool-free, fast and simple. The chain housing must also be thoroughly cleaned. With electric chainsaws, oil must be topped up regularly after use. Especially recommended: a biodegradable chain oil based on rapeseed oil.

If the chainsaw produces chips (small pieces of wood) during work, the chain is still sharp. If, on the other hand, only wood flour is produced during work, you must sharpen the chain - preferably with a chain saw sharpener.

Tip: Please do not use vegetable oil! It is too thin, splashes away from the chain and the chain and sword are quickly overheated and ruined.

The Makita precision table saw is recommended for further processing of the wood. A stable base frame together with a powerful motor and a good saw blade are basic requirements for clean, precise work. Among all brands, this model convinces above all by its versatility.

Felling saws, all-round saws or carving saws - which saw do you need?

The Makita range is huge: Allround saws, felling saws, Top-Handle saws (one-hand chain saws), telescopic chain saws (high calipers), carving saws and electric chain saws. Allround saws are e.g. the Makita chainsaw DCS4630-38, versatile chainsaws for normal sawing work for the hobby craftsman. Felling saws are - as the name suggests - saws designed for felling trees. They are characterised by good handling, excellent cutting performance and a long service life.

For professionals, Makita also offers Top-Handle saws (one-hand chain saws). These are small special chainsaws that are used especially in tree care. They are only approved for commercial users with special training. Top-Handle saws are very compact, the rear throttle grip is mounted on top of the saw, this grip is gripped with both hands.

The Makita range also includes telescopic chain saws (high calipers) with petrol or electric drive. With this saw you can cut branches several meters high from the ground.

Finally, carving saws are particularly low in vibration and recoil. With a carving saw, particularly difficult and filigree cuts can be made. This saw is also used in tree care, by fruit growers, but also by chain saw carvers.

The Makita chainsaw DCS4630-38 is an excellent choice for you as an all-round saw. It is ideal for all work in the garden or house (hedge care, tree care, firewood). Its perfect size, light weight and powerful engine make it a reliable and extremely versatile tool. You can easily find your nearest retailer on the Makita website.