March 8, 2019

How to find the right battery circular hand saw with the power you need - Bosch hand circular saw

You would like to buy a battery-powered circular hand saw and simply can't decide between the many models on the market? That's not really surprising. After all, there are already numerous manufacturers who offer the circular hand saw as a battery model. The saws also all have their advantages and disadvantages. It is important with a battery-powered circular hand saw that it is really able to have the necessary power at all times and for all work, that it is comparable with a wired saw.

But how do you know that the promises made by the manufacturer actually come true in practice and that the machine is top of the range? We have tested many machines from different manufacturers and can warmly recommend the Bosch GKS 18 V-57 G hand circular saw to you for the following reasons. Your money is optimally invested in this machine and you will definitely not regret your purchase.

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Circular Hand Saw Bosch


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Powerful and efficient sawing with the rechargeable circular saw from Bosch

The Bosch Professional Battery Circular Saw GKS 18 V-57 G is delivered with numerous accessories. So you can start working immediately. Accessories include, for example, two batteries with an 18 V 5.0 Ah output. So you can work completely uninterrupted. One battery is in the sawing unit and the other can be recharged with the GAL 1880 CV quick charger supplied. The included accessories also include a standard 165 x 1.7/1.2 x 20 mm circular saw blade for wood. A rip fence, a suction adapter and a hexagon socket can also be found in the supplied L-Boxx. Here you will find your saw and all accessories.

So you always have everything ready for your sawing work. By the way, the supplied extraction adapter is practical. Here you can connect a normal vacuum cleaner. This means that any sawdust and sawdust that accumulates during work is immediately removed. These small saw parts cannot be distributed anywhere with it. This saves you a lot of tidying up work after sawing.

The Bosch Professional Battery Circular Saw GKS 18 V-57 G with its 18 Volt is very powerful, so that you have sufficient machine power to do all the work quickly and efficiently. And thanks to the battery operation, you are completely flexible with the saw.

You don't even need a power outlet at the place where you want to saw. And there's no annoying power cable to disturb you while you're working. So you work much safer with the saw and freer. An integrated electric brake function increases your work safety even more during sawing. And the guide rail system from Bosch offers you very good assistance for very precise work. This enables you to carry out work with millimeter precision.

The Bosch Professional Battery Circular Saw GKS 18 V-57 G weighs 4.1 kg and is easy to handle. In particular, you always have a very good grip and the machine is therefore always safe in your hand. The lithium ion batteries are very high quality. A memory effect cannot occur with these batteries, even if they are always recharged. The Bosch Professional Battery Circular Saw GKS 18 V-57 G will make all cuts professionally and accurately. The sawing progress is very good with this battery-powered circular hand saw, because the motor of the saw is designed to be extremely powerful. And the best thing about this machine is that you can also mount the saw blade on the right side.

The Bosch Professional Battery Circular Saw GKS 18 V-57 G is suitable for all sawing jobs on any building site. Whether indoors or outdoors, with this saw you are universally perfectly equipped. And the corresponding guide rails are available separately as a Bosch system.

Technical data Bosch Professional battery hand circular saw GKS 18 V-57 G

  • Dimensions: length 44,3 cm x width 35,4 cm x height 25,8 cm
  • Idling speed: 3,400 min-1
  • Saw blade bore diameter: 2 cm
  • Cutting depth (90°) 57 mm
  • Cutting depth (45°) 42 mm
  • Battery capacity: 5.0 Ah

Advantages of the Bosch Professional Battery Circular Saw GKS 18 V-57 G

The machine will be a powerful companion for fast and accurate cuts. Thanks to the 5.0 Ah batteries and the powerful motor, the Bosch Professional Circular Hand Saw GKS 18 V-57 G offers you an atypically long running time for battery-powered circular hand saws with a constantly fast sawing progress. Compared to a table saw, the machine looks like a mini hand circular saw.

However, it convinces with its constant performance. You can use the Bosch Professional Battery Circular Saw GKS 18 V-57 G at any location. It is the best alternative to cable guided machines. You work with this machine comparatively safely and always flexible. This is a considerable advantage. And in terms of cost, you certainly won't regret buying this professional hand-held circular saw. The practical thing is that the saw blade can also be used on the right side. And with an appropriate guide bar you will achieve the best and most precise results with this machine.