March 1, 2019

Bosch circular table saw PTS 10 and why it is a good choice

Are you in the process of really refurbishing your workshop and finally purchasing the most important handicraft equipment you need? Of course the circular saw should not be missing. How about the PTS 10 from the renowned Bosch brand? Find out here why it could be just right for your home workshop. We'll show you all the details about performance, accessories, the advantages and disadvantages, costs and what alternative brands there are.

The most important in brief

This precision circular table saw lives up to its name and is designed for the very precise and powerful machining of larger workpieces. This makes it the ideal circular saw for professionals.

The motor has an output of 1400 watts and the idle speed is 5000 min-1. The maximum cutting height is 75 mm, the saw blade has a diameter of 254 mm and the circular saw weighs 26 kilograms. The manufacturer's price is about 450 Euros, but it is also available on the Internet or the DIY store from about 260 Euros.

What makes the Bosch PTS 10 circular saw special?

In addition to the already mentioned extremely powerful motor and the large cutting height, it also features an integrated sliding carriage with angular stop for mitres up to ± 60°. In addition, particularly precise longitudinal cuts can be made as it has a self-adjusting rip fence.

A further rip fence and additional lateral and rear table extensions also make it ideal for sawing particularly large workpieces. The table top is extra large and made of aluminium. This ensures safe working.

The saw blade can be infinitely adjusted, whether in height (up to 75 mm) or angle of inclination (45° left). A vacuum cleaner can be connected so that the workplace can be cleaned quickly and easily of chips.

Another advantage is the integrated soft start function. This guarantees reduced vibration when working and gentle starting of the engine.

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What is supplied?

Already pre-assembled, the saw provides a table extension, the saw blade and the insert plate. The cross-head screws on the base plate are also pre-assembled.

Various stops are also supplied. So parallel stops, angle stops with fixing set as well as additional stops.

In addition, suction hose, ring spanner, sliding stick, a protective hood with fixing set, a splitting wedge and the table extension, also with fixing set, are supplied.

Are there any other accessories?

Yes, but the order is subject to a charge. So you can order an underframe for the price of about 100 Euro. In addition to the frame itself, the scope of delivery of the PTA 2000 also includes four hexagon bolts, four washers and four locking nuts.

The PTA 2000 offers a safe and firm stand when sawing and at the same time allows the circular saw to be used both in the workshop and outdoors. In addition, it can be folded and even used as a transport cart. The maximum loading weight is 125 kilograms.

What else is worth knowing?

Despite precision - promises and prestige of the Bosch brand, some customers who used the circular saw had several defects to complain about.

Users complained that the rip fence of the machine was not self-adjusting and clamped. In addition, the screws supplied were described as being of cheap quality. What also disturbed do-it-yourselfers was the complicated construction of the underframe, which was due to poorly processed material. As a result of all these inaccuracies and cheap processing of individual parts, precise sawing, at least without time-consuming readjustment, was not possible.

Are there recommended alternatives to this model?

The Bosch GTS 10 XC could be the perfect choice for those who make a lot of use of the circular saw. With an output of 2100 watts and a constant speed of 3200 revolutions per minute, it is very powerful, as is the PTS 10. It can also be easily adapted to larger workpieces by means of a sliding carriage and table widening and extension, and it can be connected to a Bosch vacuum cleaner equipped with Click & Clean.

In contrast to the Bosch PTS 10, however, its field of application is broader and it has some "more luxurious" details. For example spindle locking, overload protection, motor brake and double insulation. But this is also reflected in the price. Depending on the (online) dealer, the price varies between 480 and 1040 Euros.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, the Einhell TC-TS 2025 circular saw is the right choice. It can already be bought for about 105 Euros. As with the Bosch PTS 10, the angular stop for mitre cuts is +/- 60° and the speed is identical to 5000 rpm. The saw table can also be widened and extended. The output of 1800 watts is even higher than that of the Bosch model. The cutting height of 65 mm at 45° and 85 mm at 90° is also higher. The warranty period, which is normally 2 years, can also be extended by one year, as with the PTS 10. However, the Einhell circular saw has neither a sliding carriage nor a soft-start function, nor a rip fence that is self-adjusting. You can check here another Einhell model we reviewed - Einhell TC-TS 820 - maybe that's THE model you need.

So now you're well informed whether the Bosch PTS 10 is right for you and your own DIY paradise, or whether another model might be more appropriate.

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