February 18, 2019

Chainsaw Review

Chainsaw review

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ProductMakita DCS4630-38STIHL MS 291Timberpro 62Husqvarna 543 XP GEinhell GC-PC 1335
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Weight2,6 kg6,2 kg8,0 kg7,4 kg5,4 kg
Power2,6 kW / 3,6 PS2,8 kW / 3,8 PS2,6 kW / 3,6 PS2,2 kW / 3,0 PS1,3 kW / 1,8 PS
Length38 cm37-40 cm50 cm33 cm35 cm
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Chain saws in comparison: Perfect helper for garden and land care

As our report shows, a chainsaw is not only suitable for felling large trees. It is also ideal for maintaining your garden and property. With a chainsaw it is for example possible to prune your hedge in a short time, to cut large branches from your fruit trees or even to repair storm damage in your garden. Of course, you can also use a chainsaw to make firewood or cut whole trees.

Comparison of chainsaws: Which model is best suited?

Chainsaws can be operated with petrol, rechargeable batteries or mains power (electric). Which model is best for you depends first and foremost on the intended use. In our chainsaw comparison we introduce you to various all-round saws, felling saws, top-handle saws (one-hand chainsaws), telescopic chainsaws (high calipers), carving saws and a particularly practical small chainsaw. We have also taken a close look at several models from different manufacturers and brands. These include, for example:

  • Stihl chainsaw MS 291
  • Makita chain saw DCS4630-38
  • Timberpro chainsaw 62 cm³
  • Husqvarna 543 XP G chainsaw and
  • Einhell chainsaw GC-PC 1335 I TC

In our motor chain saw comparison we explain the most important purchase criteria in more detail and provide you with valuable tips on the use of chain saws. 

Comparison of chain saws: advantages and disadvantages of different models

As already mentioned we would like to make the search for the right chainsaw a little easier for you. And to help you find your way around the chainsaw jungle, we have put together a list of different product features and application scenarios.

1. Stihl Chain saw MS 291

The Stihl chainsaw MS 291 is available with a sword length of 37 centimetres or 40 centimetres. It is one of the style all-rounders. With a weight of 5.6 kilograms, it presents itself as manoeuvrable and easy to handle for both professionals and passionate hobby gardeners.

The Stihl MS 291 chainsaw has a powerful 2.6 kW single-cylinder engine with a particularly high degree of efficiency. This is based among other things on the improved air intake. Thanks to modern anti-vibration suspension, it is perfectly suited for continuous use, as this also relieves the joints. The ergonomically designed guide bar and saw chain enable the very economical use of lubricants. The costs are in the upper price segment.

2. Makita Chain saw DCS4630-38

The Makita chainsaw DCS4630-38 is a petrol chainsaw. With an engine power of 2.6 kW and a heavy length of 38 centimetres, it is one of the all-rounders. With its weight of only 5.1 kilograms, it is ideal for hobby users and also supports professionals in their work.

The Makita chainsaw DCS4630-38 is perfectly suited for hard woods. The single-cylinder two-stroke engine is made of durable die-cast magnesium. The tank volume of the chainsaw could be slightly larger at 0.47 litres. However, the oil tank with its 0.27 liters is sufficiently dimerized. The operation is simply controlled by a single lever. The costs are in the middle price segment.

3. Timberpro chainsaw 62 cm³ with saw blade 50 cm

Timberpro chainsaw 62 cm³ with saw blade 50 cm is perfect for do-it-yourselfers and hobby gardeners. The high performance of the machine means that small and large sawing jobs can be carried out in the house and garden. With a sword length of 50 centimeters, even larger jobs can be done efficiently. Your single-cylinder two-stroke engine comes with an engine output of 3.6 HP and a cubic capacity of 62 m³.

With a total weight of 5.4 kilograms, the Timberpro chainsaw 62 cm³ with 50 cm saw blade moves in the medium weight class. The chain saw lubricates the chain automatically. The volume of the oil tank with 260 millimeters and the volume of the fuel tank with 550 milliliters seem sufficient. However, an installation wrench is required to change and tighten the chain. This is part of the large accessories package. The costs are in the medium price segment.

4. Husqvarna power saw 543 XP G

The Husqvarna 543 XP G chainsaw is perfect for professional users and landowners. Light and effective, it weighs just 4.7 kilograms and has a 15" sword length. With a cubic capacity of 43.1 cm³ and an output power of 2.2 kW, it convinces with an above-average chain speed. It also enables professional unlatching.

The Husqvarna 543 XP G chainsaw also features a unique and highly advanced X-Torq(R) engine. This type of technology ensures above-average performance and up to 20 percent less fuel consumption. In addition, exhaust emissions have been reduced by up to 75 percent. The costs are in the upper price segment.

5. Einhell Chain saw GC-PC 1335 I TC

The Einhell chainsaw GC-PC 1335 I TC is a powerful and handy entry-level machine. It is suitable for thinning, felling, delimbing and sawing firewood. The OREGON quality sword comes with a length of 35 centimeters. The engine can always be started effortlessly thanks to the built-in choke and primer.

The chain of the Einhell chainsaw GC-PC 1335 I TC can also be clamped without tools. The chain brake is activated by applying light pressure on the hand guard. The chain stops within a few seconds. Sword and chain are lubricated automatically. Its air-cooled two-stroke engine has a displacement of 41 cm³ and an output of 1.3 kW. With a total weight of 5.5 kilograms, it belongs to the average weight class. The costs are in the lower price range.

Accessories for chain saws

Chain saw oil and a chain saw sharpener are important accessories. They guarantee longevity. Protective clothing and gloves are also important accessories. Depending on the model, additional accessories may be required. Depending on the project object, we also recommend a precision table saw for further woodworking.


If strong power, long range and plenty of room for manoeuvre are required, the Husqvarna 543 XP G chainsaw is worth buying. Alternatively, the Stihl MS 291 chainsaw can also meet these requirements. Frequent sawing work coupled with a demanding performance range guarantee both models. However, if the operating units are much rarer, you can consider the Einhell chainsaw GC-PC 1335 I TC to be perfectly suited.

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