Fine precision work with the Dremel MS20-1/5 scroll saw

The Dremel MS20-1/5 Scroll Saw is a compact and user-friendly saw that allows you to make various precision cuts in different materials. Equipped with different saw blades, you can cut a wide variety of materials. The Dremel MS20-1/5 scroll saw is equipped with a removable scroll saw, so you can use it not only stationary but also mobile. It is also very user-friendly and easy to store and adjust.

Technical specifications of the Dremel MS20-1/5 scroll saw

Advantages of the Dremel MS20-1/5 scroll saw are the low weight, which is 1.1 kg. The small dimensions of the saw make it very handy. The length is 40cm, the width 21cm and the height 37cm. The idle speed is infinitely adjustable between 1500 rpm – 2250 rpm. The stageless regulation takes place over an electronic regulator. This allows you to adjust the power to the material to be machined and thus avoid too low a power or too high a power and thus the fraying of the piece.

Further advantages lie in the quick-change system, with the help of which accessories can be changed very easily and quickly.

Scroll saw Dremel


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The sound power of the Dremel MS20-1/5 scroll saw is 88.3 dB(A). The device is with 2,5 m/s´2 very low vibration. The rated power is 70W. The operating voltage is designed for normal household sockets and is 220 – 240V. The 2.75 m long power cable should be sufficient for both stationary and mobile use and should not restrict your freedom of movement. According to the manufacturer, the stroke of the saw blade is 8 mm.

Simple operation and handling

The Dremel MS20-1/5 scroll saw allows you to change accessories very quickly. For this purpose, a lever is attached to the device, which is simply folded down to remove the accessories. Once the desired accessory has been inserted, the lever is simply folded down again to secure the accessory. A function mode, which is looked for in vain with many devices. The adjustment of the exchanged accessories is very quick and very easy.

In addition, the Dremel MS20-1/5 scroll saw is very easy to store due to its compact size. In addition, the construction of the device is also very simple and is carried out in no time.

Precision due to low vibrations

The Dremel MS20-1/5 scroll saw is equipped with a hold-down device which ensures very low vibrations and thus enables precise and comfortable working.

Different operating modes

The device can be used in two different operating modes. If you want to perform precision work, the stationary operating mode is the best choice for you. If you want to machine large workpieces, simply switch to mobile mode.

In this operating mode, the location is also selectable. You can also work comfortably with one hand in this mode. For this, the casing of the scroll saw is made of light materials. Because an aluminum casing would mean unnecessary weight and would make working with one hand more difficult in the long run. The case is made of plastic and is extremely light. The device weighs just 1.1 kg.

The cutting depth of the Dremel scroll saw MS20-1/5

The device can make cuts up to a cutting depth of 18mm. It is equipped with parallel and guide rails which increase precision. In a test, the Dremel scroll saw cut a 5mm hard plywood and an 8mm thick beech wood, which is slightly harder, without any problems. With 17mm thick spruce wood it had to be reset several times, but it worked with a little patience. The cut is very good on all three pieces. However, you should not exceed the 18mm cutting depth, otherwise clean cuts are no longer possible.

Scope of delivery and accessories

The Dremel MS20-1/5 scroll saw comes with several saw blades. In detail there are two general purpose wood saw blades (MS51), two fine wood saw blades (MS52) and one metal saw blade (MS53). Of course an instruction manual is also available. The parallel rails are also included in the sturdy and spacious tool case.

What is the purpose of the side tracks?

You can attach the rip fence to the right or left of the table. This gives you security and offers an optimal guidance of the scroll saw. Attaching the rip fence is also child’s play and can be done in no time at all.

A vacuum cleaner can also be connected to remove chips and dust from the cutting area.

Now you want to know: How high are the costs?

On Amazon, the price for the device is currently 91.88EUR. The saw blades are relatively cheap to buy.

Disadvantages of the Dremel scroll saw MS20-1/5

Due to the fact that it does not have very much stroke, the sawdust cannot be removed very efficiently, which is why the saw blade tends to get stuck with thicker materials.

This usually requires the saw blade to be reset. However, there is a connection for a vacuum cleaner, with which you can vacuum the sawdust and dust out of the cut surface.

Many buyers complain that it is not possible to adjust the attachment. There is also no circular saw blade for the appliance. The saw table is much too light and the quality of the screw fastenings is not convincing. A little more stability would certainly not have damaged the product.

The saw blade can be mounted with very high tolerances, so that straight cuts are not possible.

Alternatives to the Dremel MS20-1/5 scroll saw

The quality of the scroll saw is quite good, but not comparable to a Hegner Multicut. The price for the Hegner Multicut1 is currently 469EUR on Amazon. This weighs 16 kg and is therefore 14.9 kilos heavier than the Dremel scroll saw. Compared to the plastic housing of the Dremel, it consists of a cast aluminium body.

But in the price segment of the Dremel it is not the goal to reach the quality of the Hegner products. Both the place of use and the target groups are completely different here. The Dremel scroll saw is suitable for hobby craftsmen, precision mechanics, smaller projects, craftsmen and model builders. Especially the mobile use is very interesting for this target group. Especially in model making you have to saw a lot in different positions.

For smaller do-it-yourself work this device is also very well suitable. Professionals, who often carry out sawing work, are better off with scroll saws from Proxxon, Hegner or Record Power Vario.

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