Einhell chainsaw – a good decision

Einhell is a large and popular brand that offers a wide variety of products. But real men are only interested in one product category: saws. Einhell has everything a man’s heart desires, from carving saws to top-handle saws (one-hand chain saws) and felling saws to precision table saws and all-round saws.

That’s why Einhell is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a powerful, practical and ergonomic chainsaw.

It is an indispensable helper for gardening and forestry work, which Einhell has also recognised. Therefore you get a combination of performance, accessories, costs and various advantages and disadvantages.

One of the most popular models: the Einhell GC-PC 1335 I

A special look at the Einhell GC-PC 1335 I is worthwhile, as it is considered to be one of the most popular models of the brand. It’s not surprising that the petrol chainsaw combines technical sophistication with comfortable settings. The performance is not only due to Einhell, but also to the sharpness of an Oregon quality product. The Einhell GC-PC 1335 I is equipped with an Oregon sword and chain.

The Einhell GC-PC 1335 I is ideally suited for home and garden work, because you can process squared lumber, firewood or pieces of work in just a few minutes. This is due to the 1.3 kW, whereby the two-stroke engine is air-cooled. If you need an even stronger chainsaw, you might consider this one.

And don’t forget that the GC-PC 1335 I offers many different support functions. For example, the crankshaft with bearings on both sides, as this means that the chainsaw is particularly low in vibration. But anti-vibration is also processed, so that the user is able to conserve his power reserves when working.

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Continue with the cold start aid “Primer” and the Auto-Choke for a quick start. The start is guaranteed by a digital ignition as well as a fast and dynamic throttle response. Einhell thus guarantees stable engine running. If you have to change the chain, this is possible with the Einhell GC-PC 1335 I effortlessly. You can remove the chain without any tools, but at the same time you can also create the tension.

Of course, safety must not be neglected, as Einhell also knows. That’s why there is a kick-back protection with immediate chain brake. This is activated immediately if the saw is knocked up. The large and robust metal claw, on the other hand, ensures that working with the Einhell GC-PC 1335 I is particularly comfortable and safe. So it’s no wonder why the GC-PC 1335 I is so popular. If you don’t like it, check out the other Einhell brands.


  • Crankshaft with bearings on both sides
  • antivibration
  • kick-back protection
  • Auto Choke
  • Digital ignition


  • quite loud
  • heavier than electric models

Other Einhell chainsaws

The Einhell brand usually distinguishes between two types of chain saws: electric or petrol driven, whereby the Einhell GC-PC 1335 I is very popular with petrol driven models. In both cases, however, you’ll achieve high performance because Einhell is known for its excellent quality. The petrol chainsaws are particularly powerful machines, so you can saw through even the thickest branches or logs with little effort.

A disadvantage is that the petrol engine is quite heavy. In addition, chainsaws with petrol are louder and produce exhaust fumes. However, models like the Einhell GC-PC 1335 I can do an excellent job. Einhell also has electric chain saws. Electric saw has the advantage that this is quieter and emission-free. The big drawbacks are that there must be a power outlet nearby and these are not as powerful as the Einhell GC-PC 1335 I. The electric chain saws have the advantage of being quieter and emission-free.

Simply felling a tree in the middle of a forest is not possible with such an electric Einhell chainsaw. Of course, the popular telescopic chainsaws (high desensitizers) are also available, whereby these are available as electric, rechargeable or petrol models.

Comparing the different operating modes

Petrol: Petrol Chainsaw offers an engine power of 1,200 to 2,200 watts, whereby the saber has a length between 35 and 45 centimeters. All Einhell petrol saws feature a choke, primer and electric lighter for an easy and quick start. The chain brake, on the other hand, provides an immediate stop in the event of a kickback. Once the chain comes off, the chain catcher reduces the risk. In addition, there is an anti-vibration system that absorbs the shocks of the saw to protect your joints. In addition, you do not have to constantly supply the chain with chain saw oil, but there is an automatic lubrication.

Electric: Thanks to Softstart and a tool-free chain change, Einhell’s electric saws are very popular. The handling is quite simple, so that even beginners can easily cope with it. Of course, the chainsaws are equipped with a kickback protection and a chain catch pin. The performance, however, is comparable to the petrol models, because Elektro reaches between 1,880 and 2,200 watts.

Battery: Einhell’s battery-powered chainsaws are rather rare, but no less practical. Especially if you’re looking for a small chainsaw, you’ve come to the right place with the battery models. The products are primarily designed for cutting thick branches and small tree trunks. They deliver a lithium-ion battery with 18 volts and 3,000 mAh. The charging time is just two hours, while the sword length is reduced to 25 centimeters. The range is rounded off by a kick-back protection with immediate chain brake and a chain catch pin.

Useful accessories from Einhell

Not only the different saws convince you immediately, but there are also many accessories which you can use together with the suitable saw. Of course you can find everything directly at Einhell, so that you start a big shopping tour. For example, the chainsaw sharpener is an important helper, because over time the chain of the saw loses sharpness.

You won’t get any further with conventional methods, but a chainsaw sharpener will help you. It is a very simple way to sharpen the chain and give it more life time.

The safety equipment at Einhell is not far away either. Depending on your needs, you can access hearing protection, work gloves, helmets with visors, safety shoes or trousers with cut protection inserts.

It always depends on what you do with Einhell chainsaws. For example, you don’t need complete safety equipment if you only want to remove small branches with the respective saw. On the other hand, safety shoes, helmet, trousers and gloves are useful if you work on trees in the forest. You can judge for yourself which safety equipment you need. The motto here is: Better wear more safety equipment than too little.

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