All advantages and disadvantages of the circular hand saw Einhell TE-CS 18/165 Li Solo at a glance

Have you been looking for a circular hand saw for some time, but the final decision is difficult? Your new mini circular hand saw has to perform, but must not exceed the cost? We have tested the Einhell TE-CS18/165 Li Solo handheld circular saw in different locations for battery life, handling and performance and compiled all the results. You can find out here whether you need to look for other alternatives or whether you will finally find what you are looking for with this mini circular hand saw.

Advantages of the circular hand saw Einhell TE-CS 18/165 Li Solo are impressive

Not only at first glance does our test product make a solid impression. The hand circular saw convinces by high-quality processing and simple functionality.

The cutting depth of the tested all-rounder can be variably adjusted from 1 to 54 millimetres, at an angle of inclination of 45 degrees you can achieve a cutting depth of 35 mm.

The condition is convincing – you don’t need any additional tools to adjust the cutting depth or the angle of inclination.

Einhell Circular hand saw


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Simple assembly without tools

The adjustable rip fence is extremely practical. Sawing at exactly the same distance is therefore child’s play. Here, too, assembly is carried out without any tools at all. The saw blades can also be easily replaced thanks to the spindle lock. The Allen key required for this is located in the handle.

With the Einhell TE-CS 18/165 Li Solo hand circular saw, you can carry out all the work required in the home or garden precisely and quickly.

Top equipment for the flexible craftsman

The mini circular hand saw Einhell TE-CS 18/165 Li Solo also comes with a high-quality aluminium saw table and a vacuum cleaner adapter. This makes your working area clean again at the touch of a button.

Technical data

  • Power supply: 18 V
  • Idle speed: 4200 min
  • Sound power level: 104 db (A)

Einhell TE-CS 18/165 Li Solo battery-powered circular saw is always at hand.

The low weight of just 2.6 kg and the two handles, which are ingeniously positioned, ensure that our test product lies well in the hand. The attached rubber mitre provides additional stability when sawing. Once you have experienced the advantages of a battery-powered circular saw, you won’t want to do without it anymore. In battery mode you are not tied to any cables, you are more flexible at your workplace as well as when changing workplaces.

The battery life is also impressive. In our test, the Einhell TE-CS18/165 Li Solo mini handheld circular saw was in use for 45 minutes and didn’t give up at the end of the work.

Comfortable working guaranteed thanks to compatibility

Like many Einhell products, the Einhell TE-CS 18/165 Li Solo mini circular saw belongs to the Power X-Change family. This allows you to use different devices with the same battery. If you also run out of power unexpectedly, you can simply use the battery from another device by replacing it in a few easy steps.

You can also use the handheld circular saw with Einhell’s separately available guide bar.

When the Einhell TE-CS 18/165 Li Solo circular hand saw brings light into the dark

In order to illuminate your cutting area, the circular hand saw has been equipped with LEDs. This feature is especially useful at dusk and in darker rooms.

For even more safety, the pendulum protection hood mounted above the saw blade and the locking lever for the on/off switch also provide a safety feature.

Costs – no deep wrench in your wallet

The value for money is not right with many hand circular saws. The RRP of the Einhell TE-CS 18/165 Li Solo is 99.95 Euro and is more than justified by the high-quality workmanship of the saw, the more than simple handling, the equipment and the precise cut.

Einhell TE-CS 18/165 Li Solo hand circular saw under test

The saw blade of the mini circular hand saw Einhell TE-CS 18/165 Li Solo has a diameter of 165 mm, a saw blade holder of 20 mm and a saw blade thickness of 1.6 mm. This is absolutely enough to saw just about anything in the home and garden.

As test material we used MDF boards, branches of different tree species, parquet and wooden pallets.

Even tough wood is no problem

The rip fence mentioned above has really served us well with the parquet. Working here was fast, the cuts were both transverse and long clean.

But if you think that’s all there is to it, you’re wrong. Even for boards with stubborn wood – we tried cherry, the Einhell TE-CS 18/165 Li Solo hand circular saw brings enough power. We also dismantled these without any problems. The result of the thicker wood, however, is a bit fringy. Short re-sharpening was sufficient to achieve a satisfactory final result.

With the unbeatable price of the mini hand circular saw, however, you can upgrade to a better saw blade painlessly, which can also be easily exchanged with the supplied Allen key.

Advantages summarized

  • high-grade workmanship
  • simple condition and clean work
  • Assembly without tools
  • variable cutting depth and angle of inclination
  • Adjustable rip fence
  • Top equipment such as aluminium saw table or vacuum cleaner adapter
  • stable and safe sawing due to comfortable handles, locking lever for on/off switch and pendulum protection hood
  • Illumination with LEDs
  • low weight
  • absolute flexibility thanks to rechargeable battery
  • satisfactory battery life
  • Power X-Change Family
  • unbeatable price-performance ratio and recommendable alternative to high-priced alternatives

Perfect mini circular hand saw without disadvantages?

Despite the convincing way of working with the Einhell TE-CS 18/165 Li Solo battery-powered circular saw, we still found a few points of criticism.

On the one hand, the depth setting could be more precise. Sometimes the adjustment is shifted by the clamping lever. On the other hand, the saw blade cover is made of thin plastic and makes an unstable impression. There is definitely room for improvement here.

Delivery without battery and charger

The absence of the battery and charger on delivery could also be seen as a minus point. On the other hand, most Einhell users already own some devices, so both the battery and charger are already there. And if not, you can easily order them from the Einhell manufacturer.

Disadvantages summarized

  • inaccurate depth adjustment
  • unstable saw blade cover
  • Guide rail not included in scope of delivery
  • Supplied without battery and charger

Hand circular saw Einhell TE-CS 18/165 Li Solo – for whom is it recommended?

The list of advantages of our test product is really long. This solidly crafted mini circular hand saw offers you not only absolute flexibility thanks to its battery operation, low weight and LEDs, but you can also work comfortably with it thanks to perfectly positioned handles.

Clean in cut and price

The adjustment assembly is carried out without tools and offers you even more room for manoeuvre. The battery itself provides enough power to work with coarse wood, for example. It also has an absolutely adequate battery life. Whether pallets, wooden boards or parquet – all cuts were set quickly, precisely and cleanly in our test.

Even the price of almost 100 Euro does not deceive the overall picture. The Einhell TE-CS18/65 Li Solo hand circular saw is therefore a clear recommendation and a real alternative to products in a much higher price range for the hobby trade.

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