Einhell scroll saw TC-SS 405 E – the entry-level model for hobbyists

For people who work a lot with wood in model making, for example, sooner or later there is no getting around the purchase of a scroll saw. The scroll saw is practically the electric version of the scroll saw. With a scroll saw you can achieve fine, precise cuts as well as complex contours.

However, the purchase of a professional scroll saw from a good manufacturer can be expensive. Einhell has launched TC-SS 405 E, a good alternative for beginners and hobbyists. But can the Einhell scroll saw convince with performance and functionality? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the inexpensive Einhell TC-SS 405 E? We’ve done some research for you.



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Einhell TC-SS 405 E Scroll Saw – an affordable and convincing alternative

If you only look at the costs of the Einhell TC SS 405 E, you can imagine that you don’t get a high-quality professional saw. But it wasn’t designed for that. It was made especially for home use for hobby and occasional craftsmen who are looking for a cheap and reliable scroll saw. The Einhell Scroll Saw TC-SS 405 E is the successor of the old Einhell TH SS 405 E Scroll Saw. According to Einhell it is supposed to replace the old TH SS 405 E completely in the course of time.

The TC-SS 405 E is a compact, small saw which, despite its small size, offers plenty of space for working and whose compact design keeps it mobile.

Technical data at a glance

  • Manufacturer: Einhell
  • Power in Watt: 120
  • Engine speed: 400 to maximum 1,600 revolutions per minute
  • Diffuser height in mm: 57/20 mm, at 45 degrees
  • Diffuser depth in mm: 406 mm
  • Lifting height in mm: 14
  • Suction connection diameter in mm: 36
  • Saw blade length in mm: 127
  • inclination of the table: maximum 45 degrees
  • Table dimensions: 408 × 250
  • Total weight: 12.5 kilograms

Installation and commissioning of the scroll saw

If you order the saw on the Internet, it arrives well packed. The delivery includes tools, a good illustrated manual and accessories.

The Einhell scroll saw is very easy to use. The saw head and protective hood must be attached to the saw arm with screws. The suction hose is then connected and the scroll saw is ready for use. The saw blade is already clamped, spare saw blades are also included in the delivery.

Solid stand thanks to the solid frame – the Einhell scroll saw

The solid, die-cast aluminium body of the saw weighs 12.5 kilograms and is therefore somewhat lighter than its predecessor. The processing of the saw is “Einhell-typical”: Solid and clean.

The 120 watt motor provides plenty of power for an entry-level model such as the TC-SS 405 E. The infinitely variable speed from 400 to 1600 revolutions per minute is advantageous. A slightly higher speed would be ideal, but it is absolutely sufficient for a scroll saw in this price class.

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When sawing, the Einhell scroll saw also stands firmly on the compact frame with the non-slip rubber feet due to its weight. This provides more safety and reduces vibrations so that you get a clean cutting edge.

A brief overview of the advantages of the Einhell TC-SS 405 E

  • adjustable metal worktable
  • infinitely variable number of revolutions
  • screwable to the workbench
  • safe and easy handling
  • tool-free saw blade change
  • quick-clamping device
  • workpiece hold-down
  • dust extraction connection
  • blow-off device
  • Saw blade holder is variable

Clean sawing due to dust extraction connection

Especially for the hobbyist the dust extraction connection is a good thing. So the Einhell scroll saw can also be used outside a workshop or a hobby room, the place of use is variable. The connection option is integrated in the housing and comes in a diameter of 36 mm. The workplace can thus be kept clean effortlessly.

Blow-off device – good view of the cut

The blow-off device blows the resulting sawdust away from the cutting edge and thus enables a precise cut due to the good view of the piece.

Saw blade holder is changeable

With the Einhell scroll saw, you can use not only the supplied saw blades with T-axis, but also circular saw blades.

Screwable to the workbench – Einhell scroll saw

If you have a workshop or a hobby room, the Einhell scroll saw can easily be bolted to the workbench for stationary use.

Safety through the tool holder

During sawing, the tool holder fixes the piece on the metal table. This ensures a clean and safe cut.

Disadvantages of the Einhell scroll saw TC-SS 405 E

– the slightly higher volume

Bottom line

The Einhell TC-SS 405 E scroll saw is an affordable and reliable entry-level model for hobbyists. Due to the heavy body it has a secure and non-slip stand. The vibrations during the sawing process are limited for a saw of this price class and allow clean, precise cuts. Also the motor power is quite sufficient. The Einhell scroll saw is a recommendable, affordable and compact scroll saw.

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