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Evolution Circular Saw – The Multi-purpose Circular Hand Saw

The circular hand saw RAGE1-B from Evolution is the ideal tool for the experienced hobby craftsman. What is the most important thing for the do-it-yourselfer? Right, that and the performance. The RAGE1-B combines exactly these two points and thus makes it possible to tackle new projects and make the home even more beautiful. At this point, however, we would like to point out that this is not only a do-it-yourself device, but is also used by professional craftsmen.

Here we want to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the experience with the device, what has to be paid for it and what you get for your money.

Which technical data or performance is convincing for the Evolution circular saw RAGE1-B and what is the price?

The technical data of the RAGE1-B

According to certain pages, the technical details of the circular hand saw considered here are as follows:

  • Voltage: 240 Volt
  • Output: 1200 Watt
  • Power supply via cable
  • Weight 5kg
  • Cutting depth up to 45mm
  • Inclination up to 45

evolution circular saw


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The price and the competition comparison

The price you can find on the internet is always in the range between 100 EUR and 105 EUR. These costs are rather usual in the market, since this saw is not necessarily a beginner’s product, but is already aimed at the experienced handyman. The corresponding short models, which have similar performance data, are in a similar range. Of course, there are also outliers upwards or downwards, whereby cheap models are not necessarily recommended, as savings have often been made in the area of safety.

Accessories and scope of delivery

Unfortunately, the online shops tell you comparatively little about the included accessories. However, it should be noted that a saw blade is included so that you can start working directly. For later use, it is definitely advisable to add more saw blades for various purposes, as the wear of the blades and the saw can be spared. It is also advisable to invest in a small carrying case, as the saw can always be stored in a safe place.

Advantages and disadvantages of the hand-held circular saw

Advantages of the saw

The advantages of the saw are quite comprehensive and clearly show that the RAGE 1-B hand circular saw can distance itself from its competitors:

  1. Multi-purpose cutting -> This saw does what only a few saws can do. It cuts steel, aluminium, wood and plastic without any problems. The best thing about it is that you don’t even have to change the saw blade for the individual jobs.
  2. Practically no sparks -> Thanks to the patented RAGE technology it is possible to cut steel without flying sparks. In contrast to commercially available competitive products, one cut directly generates a machinable surface without heat generation, burrs and practically no flying sparks.
  3. 0° – 45° bevel -> This versatility makes it possible to make precise cuts at any time, as the inclination allows a clear view in almost any situation, making precise and clean cuts even easier.
  4. Cuts through pavements and stones -> With the help of a suitable diamond blade, this circular hand saw has sufficient power to saw bricks, stone and concrete effortlessly, thus combining the complete range of cutting tools in one saw.

Disadvantages of the saw

As with almost all things, there are also disadvantages to be noted with this device:

  1. no spare saw blades included -> only a simple blade is included, which does not cover the whole cutting spectrum. Here it is necessary to buy more blades.
  2. no battery operation -> Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not keep up with the time in this point, since already battery supported devices with a similar price and a similar performance are available.
  3. (for the German-speaking readers) no German manual -> This point was mentioned comparatively often in some experience reports. Especially older people find it much more difficult to understand the device, which also affects safety.

What conclusions can we draw from our reflections?

If you now consider all the individual points, you can say that the circular hand saw RAGE 1-B is a round thing and can give a lot of joy. Due to the comparatively high weight and the supply via cable, this saw is rather suitable for professionals, as they always keep an eye on safety and also maintain an experienced handling of such equipment. The do-it-yourselfer may be better off with a battery-powered circular hand saw, as this provides a higher degree of comfort and flexibility.

In the end, however, everyone has to decide for themselves what kind of work to do. Basically one can say that this saw is suitable for all kinds of work.

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