Husqvarna’s NEW 572 XP Chainsaw Review

Reviewed Product: Husqvarna 572 XP - Manufacturer: Husqvarna

gave a rating of 4.7 stars to the Husqvarna 572 XP Hacksaw

Husqvarna 572 XP chainsaw in field test Last fall, Husqvarna introduced a new generation of chainsaws, the 572 XP. We have thoroughly tested this new professional felling saw.

The focus of development was on handling, cutting performance and durability. The result is a high-speed chainsaw that is primarily designed for felling. Despite its size and weight, it is also suitable for pruning larger trees. It is quite as heavy as its predecessors, but has more power.

Higher cutting performance

Our testers, who know their predecessors well, can confirm that the cutting performance of the 572 XP has increased again. The 70.6 cubic metre engine now delivers 4.3 kW/5.8 hp. Due to the high torque, the saw also pulls through under load. “It doesn’t give way,” enthused one of our testers. In addition, thanks to sophisticated electronics, it does not turn up when the cutting edge is poor. The new 572 XP performs better than its predecessors with the same weight.
The new 572 XP performs better than its predecessors at the same weight.
Husqvarna has also improved the AutoTune system, which was introduced in 2009 and automatically adjusts the chainsaw to the correct position. According to the manufacturer, a new microprocessor and improved software now adjust the air/fuel mixture in the electronically controlled carburetor ten times faster than before under changing conditions. Even altitude differences of 1,000 m and more have no effect on engine performance. The new saw delivers its peak power over a speed range of around 3,000 rpm. This is almost a third more than with the predecessor models. These features can be clearly felt at work.
There are also innovations to prevent the chainsaw from overloading or overheating. The Soft Cut-Out ignition management system protects the engine from damaging overrevving by bringing the engine speed in the uppermost speed range closer to maximum speed more slowly. The new cooling system is also designed to help keep temperatures low. A heat barrier made of a specially developed polymer integrated into the cover protects the carburetor from the heat generated by the cylinder.

Chain from own production

So far Husqvarna had “only” developed and built the engine unit itself. The chains and swords were made by Oregon. From now on Husqvarna and Stihl can offer everything from one source. Our test candidate was already equipped with the new X-Cut chain and a 20 inch sword (50 cm). The 3/8-inch full bit chain will soon be standard on the 572 XP. X-Cut chains are sharp and pre-stretched ex works.
The 572 XP has left our testers with a very good overall impression. It is lively, powerful and easy to handle despite its size and weight. If Husqvarna can also prove its longevity in the next few years, it seems that it has had a great success. With the 50 cm long cutting set, the 572 XP costs 1,387 Euro incl. VAT in specialist shops.