Makita circular hand saw DHS680Z: comfortable tool with a lot of power

The Makita circular hand saw DHS680Z is the perfect tool for carpentry and home sawing. With the saw blade of the saw you can cut wood panels and boards. The Makita hand circular saw convinces by precision and high performance.

If you have to work with a rechargeable battery because there is no power supply nearby, you can also switch to battery operation. This enables flexible, location-independent working. You can use the Makita hand circular saw at any location. Makita hand circular saw

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The right device for every user

The company Makita has a large assortment of hand circular saws. Among them are different models in different sizes available. The offered hand machines were manufactured in high quality. They provide their users with stability to be able to penetrate even the thickest wooden boards. Therefore the machines are also suitable for building houses or working in and around one’s own home or at another job site. The machines are also suitable for many other occasions. Some brands offer greater cutting depths such that the Makita Hand Circular Saw can be used by professionals as well as janitors.

The Makita circular saw is easy to adjust. Larger cutting depths can be easily adjusted with a lever. The Makita hand-held circular saw units achieve cutting depths of up to seven centimeters. This is especially advantageous for craftsmen who have to cut thick wooden beams. Makita also stands out from other manufacturers when it comes to the saw blade of the circular saw. The usual inclination angle of 45 degrees is exceeded by five degrees.

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Attention: Battery and charger are not always included.

The employees of the manufacturing company are thinking ahead: Therefore, some batteries of the Makita machines can also be used in other machines of the manufacturer. This not only saves money, but also time and makes handling easier. When buying your Makita hand circular saw, ask which accessories are compatible. In most cases the question of compatibility depends on the tension. If this is identical, the battery can be used without problems in the other machines of the manufacturer.

If this is your first Makita machine, the purchase of the first charging station with a suitable battery may be a bit more expensive. Not all offers include a battery and a charging station. The costs are approximately 60 to 70 Euro. For this you get a Makita long-life battery, which you can use over and over again. In the long run you will save a lot of money thanks to the high-quality accessories.

Makita hand circular saw with or without battery?

The Makita DHS680Z Mini Circular Saw is available with or without battery. Despite its compact size, it offers a lot of performance. It is also handy and light in weight. If you want to save on costs and are looking for an alternative to the large devices, the mini hand circular saw is recommended. It is inexpensive and works just as powerfully as the larger machines, despite the low costs. The mini hand circular saw has some advantages because of its practicality.

It is easy to transport, which makes it an indispensable tool on any construction site. Handymen also benefit from the low weight of the machine. You don’t have to put in a lot of effort to move the hand circular saw to a place outside the house. The advantages of the machine are also evident in commercial operations. Caretaker saws up protruding branches immediately on site in the outside area. Thanks to the rechargeable battery, this works without much effort. The disadvantages lie in the shallower cutting depth and lower performance compared to larger machines.

Advantages of the Mini Circular Saw with Battery:

  • compact design
  • light weight
  • easy to transport
  • handy
  • no major effort for outdoor work

Disadvantages of the mini hand circular saw with battery:

  • lower cutting depth than larger units
  • lower performance

The guide rail for exact cuts

If you are looking for a Makita hand circular saw with guide bar, you have come to the right place. The manufacturer offers a guide bar which is suitable for making cuts exactly parallel to the side edge of the work piece to be machined. The guide rail is not part of the accessories supplied with the machine.

However, the guide rail can still be purchased. The costs incurred for the subsequent purchase amount to slightly more than 50 euros. In addition to the guide rail, in most cases you will also receive a small rip fence. This can be used as a spacer and therefore does not have to be purchased separately, which would incur additional costs.

The convenience of the Makita hand-held circular saw

The Makita hand circular saw proves how different construction methods can influence the weight. The weight of the machines varies depending on the model. This is due in particular to the design, whereby the mini hand circular saw has a lower weight than the large machines. Not only the weight is decisive for the carrying comfort, but also the owners, who want to take the machine with them to the construction site.

A rubber handle ensures that the machine case lies comfortably in the hand and that the weight is therefore easy to carry. This at least prevents accidental slipping. After all, the products can weigh between three and five kilograms. However, smaller offers sometimes weigh less than larger machines. When you make your purchase, you can still consider what importance the cutting depth has for you and whether you need a pronounced cutting depth. Otherwise, you are well advised to choose an alternative that weighs less than a Makita Mini Circular Saw.

Innovative technology and safety

Makita devices are manufactured with a great deal of technical know-how. The aspect of safety is of special importance. A gentle start protects you from a rough start. The machine starts to run smoothly and you retain full control over the sawing process. Also the automatic switch-off is set to a safe switch-off of the Makita products. After switching off, the machine stops immediately without delay. The engine brake stops so quickly that no further damage can occur in the event of an accident.

Nevertheless, users of the circular hand saw should always be prepared for something unforeseen to happen and should always wear protective clothing. This includes protective goggles, protective trousers and hearing protection. A face mask can also be helpful if you are not working with a suction device.

Conclusion: Makita hand-held circular saw is of great use at home or at any other location

If you want to buy the Makita Hand Circular Saw, you will receive a machine that will perform at full capacity at any location. Thanks to Makita’s long-life batteries, you can use the machine quickly anywhere, whether in or around your home or on the construction site. If you don’t need a large cutting depth, you are probably well served with the Mini Circular Saw from the manufacturer. The saw blade of the Mini Circular Saw is as precise as the saw blade of the large machine. The performance of the Mini Circular Saw is enormously high, so that you get a remarkable performance even with the Mini Machine.

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