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Makita circular table saw 2704 with saw blade and accessories – everything you need to know

A circular table saw is operated with a built-in motor, with the saw blade attached directly to the motor. This ensures optimum saw performance and clean cuts. A high speed is important for sawing, but also the shape of the saw blade is an important aspect.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Makita precision table saw 2704

Circular hand saws as well as circular table saws are indispensable helpers for the production of furniture or cuts of wood on building sites, in the house or garden.

Each model has its advantages and disadvantages. While the circular hand saw is ideal for cutting larger elements, the table circular saw is suitable for smaller jobs. The plate is fixed to the precision circular table saw, but it is hardly possible to process large pieces.

Nevertheless, the disadvantages of the hand-held circular saw are clear when several identical pieces are required. This is because it is very difficult to put on the guide rail in order to produce exactly the same pieces. On a circular table saw, the table top and saw blade are firmly anchored and can therefore be adjusted for any number of pieces. This allows you to achieve maximum precision and additionally saves you time for re-adjusting the required dimensions.

Before buying a precision table saw, you should consider what kind of work you would like to do with it. The higher the performance of the models, the higher the costs. You should also pay attention to which accessories are included in the scope of delivery or can be bought later. The more functions your precision table saw should have, the more this will be reflected in the costs.


  • ideally suited for hobby craftsmen, handicraft enterprises and use on construction sites
  • back-protecting working possible due to a table underneath
  • precise and clean work guaranteed
  • a safe stand is achieved by means of a supporting table
  • the high motor and cutting power


  • high space requirement
  • if the Makita 2704 does not have a fixed place, it has to be assembled first

Important points to keep in mind when choosing a product

  • large worktop
  • high stability
  • Parallel and transverse stop
  • Saw blade in various designs
  • Numerous models of different brands

Once you know what a model needs to do, it’s easy to choose the right saw. When using a saw, always wear safety glasses and gloves to protect yourself from injury. In order to reduce flying chips, most models have a riving knife attached to them, which is especially important for the cross section, so you can extend the life of a saw blade.

In addition to the costs, you should always pay attention to a strong performance and high quality of a model. Powerful models are equipped with at least 1000 watts, professional workmen should rather use models with 2000 to 3000 watts. If you work regularly with a precision table saw, you should rather use a professional machine, but you have to plan for higher costs. As an alternative, you can choose a machine with sufficient power to meet your needs.

Makita 2704 Precision Table Saw

The Makita 2704 circular saw comes with an additional saw blade, a protective hood and a 45 mm adapter. The adapter is intended for connection to an external extraction unit. The device as well as the accessories are very high-quality, so the high costs of the acquisition are quite justified.

The anti restart function has also proven to be practical, the extraction unit is mounted very close to the saw blade and proves to be very useful. The electric brake as well as the functional high-performance motor also ensure maximum precision, reliability and flexibility when sawing with the Makita 2704 circular saw. The weight of this circular saw table is approximately 35 kilograms, the power of this model is indicated as 1650 watts, the diameter of the saw blade is 260 mm and the saw blade bore is 30 mm.

The high quality workmanship and the high level of safety ensure effective and safe working with the Makita 2704 circular saw.

The precision circular table saw does not have a base frame, so the machine must always be placed on a firm surface. A work table or a workbench is best suited for this, the saw blade must be secured when working and the protective bow must be fitted.

Check out the winner of our comparison, as well as the best price winner.

Services of the manufacturer Makita

Makita is still one of the best known brands on the market when it comes to the demand for powerful technical equipment. When you buy the Makita 2704 circular saw, you enjoy a maximum of service. The performance as well as the functionality of this precision circular table saw distinguish this machine and the advantages of the Makita brand keep what they promise.

circular table saw makita


Here you get to the overview of all circular table saw comparison.

As an alternative, a precision circular table saw from other well-known manufacturers, who can also score with high quality, is suitable. A stable table can be used as a base for all models, on which the circular table saw can be safely and stably parked. This stability is a prerequisite for safe and precise working with the saw.

When buying a precision table saw, you should always pay attention to the accessories that are included in the scope of delivery. If you have to buy the required accessories additionally, this causes additional costs to the purchase price of the precision table saw of different brands and manufacturers.

Conclusion on the Makita 2704 precision table saw

The Makita 2704 Precision Table Saw is a professional machine due to its functionality, precision, performance and high quality workmanship. Numerous functions make it easy and safe to work with this model. The soft start and a restart protection make this circular saw so safe.

Makita is a brand whose machines guarantee a long service life. The Makita circular saw table 2704 offers a high motor power, important accessories like an angle stop, a rip fence, a telescopic extension and a sliding carriage should not be missing.

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