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The Makita LS0815FL cross-cut and mitre saw under review – everything you need to know

Are you looking for the right saw for your next project and not sure which saw is right for you? With the overwhelming variety of saw models on the market, it is often difficult to find the right model right away. We are happy to support you with our experience and test reports. Here we have taken a close look at the Makita LS0815FL and compiled all the important information for you.

The Makita LS0815FL: price, weight, cutting height, engine and much more

The dimensions (H x W x D) are 480 x 750 x 450 mm. The weight of the Makita LS0815FL is about 14.2 kilograms. As a comparatively light saw with integrated carrying handle, it is also ideal for mobile use. The noise level is around 110 decibels.

With a solid cutting performance of 65 mm (maximum cutting height) or 305 mm (maximum cutting width), this model is ideal for cutting boards, slats, tiles or floors. The carbide saw blade measures 216 mm in diameter and can be precisely positioned at the point of intersection using LED working light and laser crack line, providing results with a clean cutting edge and little tearing. The saw blade tilt can be infinitely adjusted from 45 to 48 degrees to the left and 0 to 5 degrees to the right. The generously adjustable turntable can be tilted up to 50 degrees to the right and up to 60 degrees to the left.

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The motor works with an output of 1,400 watts, the power is supplied via the mains connection, whereby the operating voltage is 230 volts. The idle speed is 5000 rpm. A safety clutch and an emergency stop switch are installed as safety devices.

The new price is at present around 300 euro, the costs vary depending upon the dealer between 270 and 340 euro.

In addition to the Makita cross-cut and mitre saw, the scope of delivery includes a carbide saw blade with a diameter of 216mm and a bore of 30mm, two support extensions, an adjustment triangle and a dust bag.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Makita LS0815FL?

The advantages of the Makita LS0815FL are above all its precise cut and the solid workmanship that goes hand in hand with high stability. The model comes with many accessories, is versatile and makes particularly effective work possible. The machine is made of very high-quality materials and is very stable, the adjustment possibilities are very precise and have no play. Switches for light and laser are dust protected and the pull function makes the saw very flexible. The handling is very intuitive and simple and Makita always attaches importance to the highest safety at work.

Here is an overview of the advantages:

  • Precise cut
  • solid workmanship
  • high stability
  • Versatile use
  • Pull function available

The disadvantages are mainly the high price compared to similar models and the somewhat cumbersome user manual. Without additional precautions, larger amounts of dust can occur. Unfortunately, the laser is battery operated and relatively imprecise. Furthermore, this model is not suitable for left-handers.

A summary of the disadvantages here:

  • relatively high price
  • Laser not always 100% precise
  • not suitable for left-handed

In general, a saw with an integrated laser is recommended for precise work. Other criteria to consider when purchasing a saw include whether the motor head can be pulled out, how easily and accurately the saw blade can be adjusted, and how easy it is to adjust the angle. You should also ask yourself where the saw should be used and whether it should be used for industrial or private purposes. This saw is very suitable for both private and professional use.

The customer reviews are mostly positive, especially for private use you cannot be wrong with this model. We, too, can highly recommend the purchase of this saw.

Is the Makita brand reliable? Not for nothing is Makita the market leader

The Japanese brand Makita has already been adopted in many languages as a synonym for the word saw, and rightly so: Makita has been offering its customers high-quality saw models for a wide variety of purposes since 1915.

Before buying a suitable Makita saw, you should first consider which material you would like to work with. Do you need a cross-cut saw to cut wood or metal and which operating mode is best for your project?

There are many different types of crosscut saws, such as package crosscut saws, mitre crosscut saws, pull-cut and mitre saws or a metal crosscut saw.

The manufacturer Makita is enjoying growing popularity among both DIY enthusiasts and professionals. With the Makita LS0815FL cross-cut and mitre saw, the manufacturer has brought a powerful saw onto the market that impresses with manual speed preselection, double guide mechanism, pull function, integrated work light and clamping device and has a well-deserved place in every hobby workshop.


The Makita LS0815FL is particularly suitable for hobby craftsmen who want to work with small to medium-sized pieces of wood. However, if you are looking for a saw for metalworking, you should look for another alternative, such as model Bosch GCM 800. No matter which crosscut saw you choose, you are on the safe side with Makita. Makita has been spoiling its customers for decades with reliable quality, high quality manufactured equipment with high functionality and above all precise sawing results. Both with the cross-cut saws for wood and with the metal cross-cut saw you can always rely on good quality.

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