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Metabo circular table saw TS 216

Circular table saws are not to be excluded from the well equipped workshop of a do-it-yourselfer. They are particularly suitable for serial cuts (laminate, parquet, planks) or sawing beams of the same size. But even narrow strips or smaller parts are much safer and easier to cut with a circular table saw than with a hand-held circular saw. However, the range of circular table saws is huge.

Are you looking for the perfect circular saw? The Metabo circular table saw TS 216 is a high-quality tool for do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike. What does it offer, what are the advantages and disadvantages? Is the purchase worth it?

What should you watch out for?

What is important for a circular table saw? Robustness and stability, good engine performance, safety at work and precise results.

Simple handling, high stability

Metabo supplies high-quality precision tools for the professional. Every detail of the metabo TS 216 is well thought-out: With 33kg it is a very light saw, which – thanks to the trolley function – can also be transported with one hand. The integrated base frame is made of die-cast aluminium, a process that meets the highest demands in terms of stability and corrosion resistance. The base can be folded out quickly and ensures a secure and solid stand.

When folded, the metabo TS 216 is very easy to transport (e.g. from the workshop to the construction site) and can be stored in a space-saving manner. Due to the torsion-resistant tubular frame construction, the metabo TS 216 is very stable, works vibration-free and can also be used on a construction site without any problems.

Good engine performance

It is equipped with a powerful motor (1,500W rated power) and is ideally suited for beam, panel and wood blanks. The uniform power of the motor ensures clean and tear-free saw edges (especially when cutting hardwood). The high idle speed of 5,000 rpm enables easy and accurate sawing.

Safety all around

Working safely is your top priority as a do-it-yourselfer.

  1. A motor brake for a quick stop stops the saw blade within three seconds.
  2. A restart protection prevents the machine from starting after a power interruption. The machine is not ready for operation until the switch is pressed again.
  3. The metabo TTS 216 has an electronic overload protection which prevents the motor from being overloaded.
  4. The electronic soft start reduces the inrush current of the device, the device is protected against excessive torques and accelerations.

Professional work

As a hobbyist, you know the value of carefully crafted tools. All details of the metabo TS are well thought out and enable fast and careful work. The metabo TS delivers excellent results: Especially for more demanding cuts you need the rip fence. The rip fence is a guide (made of aluminium or steel) that runs parallel to your circular saw blade. This allows you to guide each workpiece at the same distance through the saw blade.

Each edge is cut exactly and straight to 90°. The double fixation (at the beginning and end of the stop) gives you additional stability and accuracy when cutting. The angle stop also allows you to saw blanks at different angles.

The effective extraction (with metabo a two-point chip extraction) ensures clean air at the workplace – the running time of your machine is also increased. An extendable table widening and extension allows the machining of extra large workpieces. By the way, you can set a second working height for sawing close to the ground.

circular table saw metabo


Here you get to the overview of all circular table saw comparison.

Delivery and equipment when buying the Metabo circular table saw

The included saw blade with 30 teeth (Multi Cut) is made of tungsten carbide with alternating teeth. Ideally suited for universal use. The accessories include two further circular saw blades:

  • Power Cut with 24 teeth for coarse and medium fine cuts. Due to the relatively small number of teeth, there are large gaps, long chips are easily removed from the saw cut, the saw blade hardly clogged. It is particularly suitable for cuts along the grain and ensures high cut quality, especially in soft wood.
  • The Precision Cut with 40 teeth offers a wide range of applications and delivers very good and clean precision cuts in both soft and hard wood. The saw blades can be changed quickly and easily using the spindle lock.


The metabo circular saw has an automatic reset at 0-45° after undercut. You need an undercut especially in furniture construction if you want to connect two panels flush with each other: one panel is cut at 90°, the other at 89°. Two pieces of wood can thus be joined flush and seamlessly. For concealed cuts or transport, the splitting wedge can be countersunk without tools.

There are of course alternative models for table circular saws: numerous brands such as Bosch, DeWalt, Scheppach or Makita offer very neat table circular saws. The costs vary, from 200 EUR there are already models. The Metabo – this is a disadvantage – costs twice to three times as much as a “cheap version”. But: the consulting, repair and spare parts service from metabo is unbeatable. And: the metabo is a precision table saw. Not only do you saw simple beams and panels, you can also produce high-quality carpentry work (furniture, interior fittings).

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