Functions of the Metabo mitre saw

Metabo mitre saw KGS 254 M – Performance, functions and more

Apart from the simple colour scheme of the Metabo KGS 254 M mitre saw in green and black with a hint of red, this is a well-built machine. With the exception of the saw’s sharp-edged and bulky motor, the saw has a slim blade guard that can be folded into the saw blade housing for more flexible handling, no matter where it is used.

Overview of the features

To enable the KGS 254 M to compete with other saws in its price range, it is equipped with a powerful 1800 watt motor. This is 300 watts more than the KGS 216 M, so larger and denser stocks can also be processed.

Although there is also a cheaper alternative with a larger engine, such as the Evolution FURY3-XL (2000W), it seems that the KGS 254 M has found the decisive point between performance, safety and quality reductions.

Thanks to careful construction, the KGS 254 M does an excellent job of adding 1800 W to the 254 mm (10″) blade (48-tooth ATB precision-cut metabo blade supplied with the saw) to produce surprisingly high quality cuts of various types of wood or when cutting laminates. The 254 mm saw blade can cut workpieces up to 90 mm thick and 305 mm wide. This makes it a great advantage if you want to cut large pieces or cut timber for patio mounting.

The most powerful saw we reviewed is for sure Einhell TC-SM 2534 Dual mitre saw.

The laser is positioned to the right of the cutting line, whereby the setting of mitre and bevel also does not have to be adjusted. Moving the laser means that the saw does not constantly hit the laser (which in most other cases is mounted on the carriage behind the saw blade), which can lead to better visibility.

The angle adjustment on the turntable is made by releasing the bed lock button and pressing down a spring-loaded release lever. This lever engages at 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 30° and 45° to prevent the bed angle from running out when the lock is tightened.

Features that set the Metabo KGS 254 M mitre saw apart from the competition

The laser and working light is located underneath the blade housing. Some of the functions that prove to be quite clever are the power cord attached to the back of the slider or the laser guide on top of the blade housing.

Metabo mitre saw


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In addition, attaching the laser to the blade housing increases accuracy by eliminating the possibility of something getting out of alignment between the cutting mechanism and the sliding mechanism. Although the 254 M is not really a novelty in the field of hand saws, it has a small working light that allows you to illuminate the cutting surface when the ambient light is absent. Since the power cord is fed into the back of the carriage, you have to sacrifice an extra +/- 50 mm behind the saw.

One of the disadvantages of this saw is its depth restriction guideline, which lacks accuracy. Although it is not often the case that you need to limit the depth of cuts, it may be that on such a saw a little more attention could be paid to the construction of the mechanism for better quality and a more accurate cut. In most cases, when unpacking new power tools, especially precision tools such as mitre saws, a certain amount of setup or fine tuning is required.

The 254 M is a simple metal mitre saw with an angle of inclination and can only be tilted up to 45° to the left.

You will notice that by simply turning the shank, the opposite bevel is created, making the double mitre saw more comfortable. But don’t be fooled by the slim design of the saw, the 254 M weighs just over 20 kg. So if you intend to use the saw a lot and frequently, it might work better with a mitre saw that is a little lighter.

Summarizing all advantages

  • with integrated laser
  • no setup or fine tuning necessary
  • with integrated saw blade inclination for a more flexible adjustment possibility
  • with laser guide and adjustable angle for precise cutting
  • ergonomic bar handle, additional front handle and low weight for optimum handling
  • the traction function allows a versatile usability
  • cutting height can be adjusted flexibly
  • the special construction ensures better quality


Apart from the obvious shortcomings of the saws, such as depth restriction and weight, this model does an exceptional job of offering consumers a well-built alternative at lower cost to some of the largest markets on the market. In view of all this, it leads to the conclusion that the KGS 254 M is currently the best metal-cutting saw for do-it-yourselfers.

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