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Mitre saw Bosch GCM 800 – for professional sawing in the private workshop

A mitre saw is a piece of handicraft equipment which is mostly used in wood processing. Due to its many advantages, however, more and more private users are deciding to purchase a cross-cut saw. The cross-cut saws from the brand manufacturer Bosch are particularly popular with users because they are of high quality and are nevertheless offered at a fair price. This is confirmed by the numerous positive customer reviews on the Internet. We have tested the Bosch GCM 800 cross-cut saw:

In this article you will learn everything you need to know about the different types, their performance and the place of use. It also explains where you can get a good machine for a good price and what you should pay attention to when buying a cross-cut saw.

What are the other advantages and disadvantages of Bosch GCM 800 cross-cut saws?

The manufacturer Bosch produces a number of cross-cut saws that are worth a closer look. In order to find the optimal model for your needs, you should take a closer look at the different cross-cut saws and compare their individual characteristics with each other before buying them. For us, the Bosch GCM 800 is the best.

Kappsäge Bosch


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  • very strong performance
  • safe and fast working
  • clean cuts
  • saw different materials
  • versatile

However, a Bosch cross-cut saw can also have some disadvantages, which should also be taken into account when making a purchase decision:


  • high weight, therefore only conditionally mobile applicable
  • not suitable for filigree precision work
  • sometimes quite loud

If you are looking for a lighter saw – check out the Scheppach mitre saw.

What is a mitre saw?

In simple terms, a cross-cut saw is a circular saw that can be moved up and down by lever action. This allows it to cut the workpiece on the work surface. The great advantage of cross-cut saws is that, depending on the model, they can often also cut angles and are not limited to processing wood.

What are the different types of cross-cut saws?

Cross-cut saws for private use are mainly divided into different variants according to their functions. The trade offers the traditional cross-cut saw, the cross-cut saw with pulling function as well as the cross-cut saw with mitre function for the do-it-yourselfer.

The simple cross-cut saw has no additional functions and is therefore mainly suitable for fast and safe cutting of thicker pieces of wood. The saw blade is lowered onto the workpiece by means of a lever. A spring then lifts the saw blade again so that fast working is possible. If the saw blades are replaceable, the model can also be used as a metal cross-cut saw.

With a cross-cut saw with pulling function, workpieces of different widths can be cut. This is because the saw blade sits on a length-adjustable lever. This extends the application possibilities many times over.

A cross-cut saw with mitre function is used in private use whenever wood or metal have to be mitred, i.e. cut at certain angles. For this purpose, either the saw itself or the support of the worktable can be adjusted so that vertical cuts at angles of 45° to 90° are also possible on request.

What should you pay attention to when buying a good crosscut saw?

In order to find the right cross-cut saw, it is important to carefully consider in advance for which tasks the model should mainly be used. Only then can you decide which individual characteristics your new cross-cut saw should have. Enclosed you will find some tips that can help you with your decision. Not only the costs should decide which crosscut saw to buy.

Of course, the performance plays a decisive role when choosing a cross-cut saw. After all, it should work powerfully and quickly and cut the material cleanly. With optimum performance and the right accessories, a cross-cut saw can even cut metal precisely. For this you need a model that can produce at least 1200 watts of power. Because the more watts the motor has, the stronger the power is. Cheap products with a high motor power and a correspondingly high rotation per minute (rpm) are usually also very loud. As a rule, Bosch brand products significantly reduce noise levels.

The cutting height is always decisive when materials of different thicknesses are to be machined. As a rule of thumb, the layman can remember the following: The larger the saw blade, the greater the cutting height. Correspondingly thick materials can be machined. It is particularly important to specify the cutting height, for example for a cross-cut saw with mitre function. This is because the cutting height is automatically reduced with an adjustable saw blade inclination.

The accessories supplied can be particularly useful if the model is to be used for various operations. The alternative would be to purchase saw blades at a later date, which would incur additional costs. In order to be able to work with the cross-cut saw to its full extent, the selected product should be equipped accordingly as standard. The individual models of the brand manufacturer Bosch can be used extensively.

Of course, the costs incurred should also play a certain role in the purchase decision. Even if the price of a product from Bosch or a comparable brand manufacturer is higher than that of a no-name article, you should still choose a high-quality model. Not only the performance and quality are right, but also the safety. Branded products are equipped with high-quality materials and checked at regular intervals. Occupational accidents caused by material fatigue and/or a faulty design cannot occur in the first place.

Where can you buy a good mitre saw at a good price?

Because of its numerous advantages, a cross-cut saw is also becoming interesting for more and more private craftsmen. Of course you can buy a cross-cut saw in a DIY store or in a retail store around the corner. The advantages: personal on-site inspection and immediate availability without having to wait for a delivery time.

Nevertheless, more and more consumers are deciding to buy via the Internet. Because here you can choose from a larger variety of devices. Thanks to the higher competition and the round-the-clock purchase, the purchase is quite simple and time-saving. No drive or parking search and no queuing at the checkout. Thanks to discounts or voucher campaigns, you can continue to benefit from low prices, even if you are dealing in a high-quality Bosch brand product. After reading this article, nothing stands in the way of buying online.

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