February 20, 2019

Mitre saw review

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Sawblade216 mm254 mm250 mm216 mm216 mm
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Mitre saws under review - the ideal saw for the specific application site

Anyone who likes to work with wood, no matter if hobby craftsman or professional craftsman, will not be able to avoid a cross-cut saw. The advantages of cross-cut saws are obvious. It can be used to cut wood sections quickly and easily. Due to the inclination of the saw blade, which is present in almost all crosscut saws, the cut can not only be carried out vertically.

Different mitres can also be cut quickly and cleanly. A pulling function also makes it easy to cut slightly wider wood. In addition to the cutting length, the cutting height can also be individually adjusted. Groove cuts are also child's play to do. So a cross-cut saw in your own workshop does not offer any disadvantages and there is hardly any alternative in fast and efficient woodworking in the sawing area.

You're looking for a metal coping saw? No problem! A small handle and your cross-cut saw cuts metal

The place of use of a cross-cut saw is not only bound to the material wood. Since the saw blade of a cross-cut saw can of course also be replaced, sawing metals is no problem for a cross-cut saw. Metal saw blades are available for almost every cross-cut saw in the trade. A further advantage is why a cross-cut saw is an indispensable helper in your workshop.

Cross-cut saws are available in different price ranges. They usually differ in performance, weight and field of application. There are saws for the hobbyist who wants to have a saw at hand quickly and there are saws for the craftsman who uses his cross-cut saw almost every day. When purchasing a cross-cut saw, you should not only look at the costs, but also at the exact area of application and the frequency of use.

But which mitre saw and from which manufacturer is the right saw for you?

If you have decided to buy a mitre saw for your workshop, you will quickly face this question. The market offers a variety of saws. A model is available in every price range and every color. But which one should it be? Here are some saws from leading manufacturers in a similar price range listed and described.

1. Metabo KGS 254 M, solid and yet mobile

The Metabo KGS 254 M cross-cut saw makes a particularly solid impression. The robust construction equips the saw for the toughest applications. But despite its solid construction, it is a compact lightweight. The laser-guided cutting line and LED working light allow this saw to be used with particular precision. All common angles can also be set using locking points. Thanks to an output of 1800 watts and a cutting speed of 60 m/s, the Metabo KGS 254 M is a real power tool.

The other features of the Metabo KGS 254 M at a glance:

  • Robust construction
  • Compact, yet lightweight
  • Ergonomic carrying handles and saw head protection
  • traction function
  • Extendable saw table extension
  • LED working light
  • Laser for guiding the cutting line
  • chip extraction possible
  • depth stop
  • Simple saw blade change possible

2. Bosch GCM 800 SJ, the panel saw. Standard cuts with a lightweight!

The Bosch GCM 800 SJ cross-cut saw offers optimum manageability thanks to a machine weight of just 13.5 kg. This makes it particularly outstanding as a lightweight. The Bosch GCM 800 SJ provides the craftsman with a saw for standard cuts. With an output of 1400 watts, fast work is guaranteed. A particular advantage is the weight of the saw. As a lightweight among the cross-cut saws, this saw is particularly suitable for use at various locations. A particularly fast adjustment of the angle of inclination also offers an advantage in the working speed. The panel saw can be tilted 45 degrees to the left. Mitre angles of up to 47 degrees can be flexibly locked to the right and left.

The special features of the Bosch GCM 800 SJ cross-cut saw:

  • Lightweight thanks to 13.5 kg
  • Smooth start-up of the saw blade


  • No laser for the cutting guide
  • Not necessarily for the rough use. It is a panel saw!
  • No LED work lighting

3. Scheppach HM90SL, very precise and very handy!

The Scheppach HM90SL cross-cut saw is also a handy lightweight that is ready for any application. With a housing weight of only 10.5 kg, the Scheppach HM90SL cross-cut saw can be used effortlessly at any location. The built-in laser and the built-in LED working light ensure a precise cutting edge and an optimally illuminated working area. A motor power of 2200 Watt ensures precise cuts without chipping the material.

Further features of the Scheppach HM90SL cross-cut saw:

  • Lightweight, only 10.5 kg housing weight
  • LED work area light
  • cutting edge laser
  • High motor power of 2200 Watt
  • Swivel on both sides
  • Compact design, but still a hauling saw
  • Small space requirement in the workshop

4. Einhell TC-SM 2534 Dual, indispensable for precise cross-cutting and cutting!

The Einhell TC-SM 2534 Dual cross-cut saw is flexible in all positions. It is ideal for all work with laminate, parquet, cladding or panels. The Einhell TC-SM 2534 Dual cross-cut saw can be used to easily process particularly large workpieces thanks to its double-bearing pull function. The Einhell TC-SM 2534 Dual cross-cut saw also has a continuously adjustable saw head in the range from 0° to 45° for creating mitres on both sides in a single operation. The table insert of the saw is equipped with a scale which allows the width of the workpiece to be easily seen from the working position. The Einhell TC-SM 2534 Dual is a real power machine thanks to its 2350 Watt motor power.

Other features of the Einhell TC-SM 2534 Dual cross-cut saw:

  • Motor power of 2350 Watt
  • Continuously adjustable saw head
  • Double bearing traction function
  • Machining of particularly large workpieces possible

5. Makita LS0815FL, all-rounder for cutting performance up to 305mm!

The Makita LS0815FL cross-cut saw stands for precise cuts up to a cutting capacity of 305mm width. With the Makita LS0815FL cross-cut saw, a laser ensures precise cutting guidance on the workpiece. Another advantage is the easy transport thanks to the integrated carrying handle. With a weight of only 14.1 kg, the Makita LS0815FL cross-cut saw is also suitable for mobile use on any construction site. The turntable is infinitely adjustable, which makes different mitre angles possible. However, the motor power of the Makita LS0815FL cross-cut saw is only 1400 watts, which leads to precise cuts and results.

Further features of the Makita LS0815FL cross-cut saw:

  • Cutting performance up to 305mm
  • Weight of only 14.1 kg
  • Laser guided cutting edge
  • Smoothly adjustable turntable

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