What can the Scheppach HS80 table saw do?

Are you a hobby handyman looking for a good table saw? Table circular saws are perfect for serial cuts, i.e. long, even cuts, e.g. for boards for a garden shed. They cut very quickly and yet evenly, cleanly and precisely. Table circular saws also enable you to work safely.

Scheppach is a German company, which founded their company with woodworking machines for professionals and do-it-yourselfers (since 2009 they have significantly expanded their offer to include construction machines and power tools). The HS 80 circular saw is a small and inexpensive model, but it has the essential features that a good circular saw needs.

What are the advantages of the Scheppach HS 80 circular table saw?

The Scheppach HS80 circular saw has many advantages for beginners. It is in its segment an ideal saw for the hobby craftsman with high performance but nevertheless affordable, a precision table saw for exact and at the same time fast cutting of very different materials.circular bench saw scheppach

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Powerful engine and good sawing characteristics

The Scheppach circular table saw is, thanks to its compact, handy dimensions (length 53cm, width 47cm), also ideal for the small cellar of any hobby craftsman. The base frame is made of a light yet sturdy aluminium construction. The saw has a powerful 1,200 Watt motor. This motor performance is – not only for beginners – absolutely satisfactory. The idle speed is 4,800 rpm. The saw runs round (without bad vibrations), the material is quickly cut with clean edges. It delivers very clean cutting results both in softwood and hardwood.

In case you need an even stronger machine, check out the Bosch circular table saw PTS 10 with 1.650W or Makita circular table saw 2704 with 1.400W.

Easy to operate

The diameter of the saw blade is 21cm and is made of tungsten carbide (HW means hard material). The idle speed of 6,000 rpm allows easy, precise sawing. The cutting height can be adjusted steplessly (by hand wheel), the maximum cutting height is 48 mm – this value is also more than sufficient for beginners. The rip fence is important for clean, exact cuts. For oblique cuts, the saw blade can also be tilted up to 45° (maximum cutting depth is then 45mm).

The angle stop

The Scheppach HS80 Table Saw – like any good table saw – comes with a precise angle stop that allows you to cut clean and exact angles. The angle stop is fixed to a rail on the worktable and can be adjusted to the desired angle position – 30°, 45° – or other values. Mitre cuts are also possible without any problems.

What are mitre cuts?

Two long workpieces collide in a corner connection. Example: Two strips of a picture frame should abut each other at an angle of 90°. The ends of each two strips are therefore cut off at an angle of 45°. This creates a continuous transition between the pieces. Mitre cuts are very often required – even for beginners. Since it is a somewhat more demanding cut, it is not available in every DIY store. But: with mitre cuts you can build your own birdhouse or saw new strips for the floor.

Accessories ensure safety

The tool for changing the saw blade is of course included in the scope of delivery. Also a suction hood and – for safety – a classic push stick. It serves to guide even narrow workpieces safely and comfortably – without the fingers having to come too close to the saw blade. A table extension is included for machining larger and unwieldy workpieces. The work table can be attached very quickly with a handle, the table extension stands non-slip on rubberized legs. This is also a safety feature.

What are the disadvantages?

If you are an ambitious craftsman (or semi-professional) you should consider an alternative. For larger jobs, thick boards, planks or the like, the sawing depth is much too shallow and the entire work surface too small. The saw is definitely not designed for heavy loads. Very demanding work, such as an undercut, cannot be carried out with the saw. Of course the costs are a bit higher, but you have more possibilities. If you want to use the saw several times a week, for example, you will need a model that is designed for higher loads (e.g. with soft start and overload protection). You also need a more powerful model for furniture or interior fittings. In addition, a higher quality model offers more safety. The TS80 doesn’t have a quick stop or electronic overload protection (which you don’t necessarily need as a hobby craftsman).


The model is definitely not a cheap product but a very solid circular saw in the lower price segment. Without much extras but of very good quality. Delivery takes place after a short time, the saw can be assembled quickly and easily. The model is – quite clearly – a circular table saw for hobby craftsmen. If you are looking for a saw for occasional small jobs, it is perfect. Laminate, MDF boards (medium density wood fibre boards), softwood and hardwood are all sawn cleanly, quickly and with high precision. The motor power is high, the saw cuts various materials quickly and vibration-free. The saw blade is also very solid. The base frame ensures a solid and safe stand.

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