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Scheppach HM90SL mitre saw – Performance at a high level

There is now a large number of different saws available on the market. Of course, the decision for a certain product can be difficult. If you don’t want to go through a lengthy search, you should take a closer look at the Scheppach HM90SL mitre saw. This product is convincing both in terms of quality and price. People who want to make a long-term investment are well advised to use the metal mitre saw.

One machine gives you plenty of room to manoeuvre

One of the biggest advantages of the device is the engine. This is 2200 watts strong, which is why the Scheppach HM90SL cross-cut saw is also suitable for intensive, longer-lasting activities. But the saw blade is also impressive. It has a diameter of 216 millimetres and is equipped with 60 teeth. In addition, the device does not require any additional space to guide the blade at the rear, so that the cross-cut saw can be pushed against the wall to save space. An integrated laser also ensures that the cutting line is displayed in advance. This enables you to make precise cuts with the Scheppach HM90SL cross-cut saw.

The integrated pull function enables a maximum cutting width of 300 millimeters to be achieved, with a cutting height of 65 millimeters (90°/90°). The saw head can be tilted on both sides at an angle of +47° and -47°, giving you a high degree of flexibility when machining work pieces.

Since the Scheppach HM90SL cross-cut saw is equipped with an LED light, it is also possible to work in poorly lit environments – this illuminates the working area brightly. The Scheppach HM90SL cross-cut saw weighs only 10.5 kilograms by comparison. Nevertheless, the cross-cut saw scores with stability. This allows the product to be used safely. Due to the relatively low weight, the saw is also not too difficult to move away from its place of use – so you are quite flexible with the device. If this saw is still too heavy for you, take a look at the Makita mitre saw.

Mitre saw Scheppach


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A long-term investment

The robust design of the device is also worth mentioning. Since it consists only of high-quality materials such as aluminium and has been processed with great attention to detail, it can withstand even intensive use. If you purchase the product, you will receive an instruction manual, a power cable five meters long and a second saw blade in addition to the cross-cut saw. This enables you to put the device into operation immediately after receipt.

One saw for many applications

The Scheppach HM90SL mitre saw can be used in many ways due to its powerful motor. First and foremost, such a machine is used to cut wood to size – a cross-cut saw is particularly popular when it comes to cutting parquet floors. A product that cuts the workpieces in a straight line is fully sufficient for pure shortening work.

However, when it comes to cutting wood to exact detail, the saw must offer you more room to manoeuvre. The Scheppach HM90SL cross-cut saw meets these requirements. The saw blade can be easily guided using an ergonomically designed handle.

You also have the option of tilting the saw blade to either side. If you want to make particularly precise cuts, a laser will help you to assess the cut in advance. You can also see the results – thanks to the high cutting speed, there is no chipping of the material during cutting. The beautifully finished cutting line benefits you especially when laying parquet floors, where precision plays an essential role.

Advantages and disadvantages at a glance


  • precise cutting possible
  • sturdy structure
  • good price-performance ratio
  • high stability and stability
  • integrated LED light also allows working in the dark
  • an integrated laser enables the estimation of the cutting direction
  • the delivery includes an additional saw blade with operating instructions and cable
  • good performance thanks to powerful engine
  • saw blade inclination allows plenty of room for manoeuvre when cutting


  • slightly higher price

All in all, the metal mitre saw shines with numerous advantages. The strong performance paired with the flexible yet precise cutting ensures that the machine can be used for a wide range of applications. The only disadvantage is the comparatively higher price. However, this is still affordable for most users who rely on quality.

A saw for beginners and professionals

The purchase of the Scheppach HM90SL cross-cut saw is recommended for both hobby craftsmen and professional craftsmen. Due to the intuitive design of the machine, newcomers will find their way around in no time at all.

In addition, the metal cross-cut saw can be used for a variety of activities – both the simple shredding of many workpieces as well as the precise cutting of wooden constructions is possible with the Scheppach product. Even if you value high durability, you will benefit from purchasing the machine.

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Due to its robust construction, the mitre saw easily withstands even heavy loads. You can therefore be sure that by purchasing it you are making a well-considered, high-quality investment in your inventory.

A fair price-performance ratio

The Scheppach HM90SL cross-cut saw also proves to be a good choice in terms of costs. Even if it is not the cheapest product, the costs are justified due to the perfect quality and the ergonomic design. Nevertheless, the saw is affordable for the majority of users. If you purchase the Scheppach HM90SL cross-cut saw, you will not only receive the machine, but also an additional saw blade. Should it be necessary to replace the saw blade, you will save yourself the trouble of having to buy new accessories in the near future.


The Scheppach HM90SL mitre saw is a handy device. This is recommended if you do not have enough space in your workshop for a larger alternative, but still do not want to do without a professional saw. The product is designed so that even new users can quickly find their way around. In addition, the product is powerful, allowing it to be used even for intensive activities.

The cross-cut saw achieves particularly good results when cutting parquet floors to size. Due to the large clearance in the cutting process, the individual pieces of wood can be adjusted in such a way that they even fit into very angled rooms.

If you opt for the Scheppach HM90SL cross-cut saw, you can count on a fair price-performance ratio. Because the costs were set at a good quality so that the saw is affordable for many buyers.

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