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Scheppach Scroll Saw SD1600V with all the features it can do

Are you in the mood for filigree woodwork? Do you have wooden bowls in mind or even objects made of wood like Christmas decorations from the Erzgebirge? You are a newcomer in the field of woodworking and are looking for the right tool for millimeter-precise work? Then you have come to the right contact here. A scroll saw is exactly what you need, because with it you can work out fine details absolutely correctly.

Now, however, the market for scroll saws is not easy for the layman to understand, many models from inexpensive to price-intensive, there are no upper limits to be found there. Which one should you choose?

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Today the Scheppach scroll saw SD1600V is introduced, which is a very inexpensive machine but also a high quality scroll saw traded among experts. It was developed by the Scheppach company, which is a well-known manufacturer of wood tools. The optimal place to use this scroll saw is the classic hobby workshop, it is probably too small for professional use.

What power can the Scheppach SD1600V convince you with?

The Scheppach SD1600V scroll saw reaches you well packaged and with its 12.7 kg weight it is not really heavy. This has the advantage that you don’t have to carry heavy loads and that you don’t have to do any physical exertion to unpack or assemble the saw. On the other hand it has the disadvantage that the stability and slip resistance is less than with a model that has a higher weight.



The Scheppach SD1600V convinces with an excellent functionality compared to the low purchase price. A 120 Watt strong motor moves in the middle field of the scroll saws and makes it to between 550 and 1650 revolutions per minute. The Scheppach SD1600V has a manual speed control with which you can determine how high the number of revolutions per minute should be. Of course, this depends on which material you want to cut and how. The settings depend on what you want to produce with which material.

In comparison to other models this is an advantage, because there are some scroll saws on the market, which do not have a manual speed controller despite higher costs.

The Scheppach SD1600 V scroll saw, like most other scroll saws, has a maximum table inclination of 45 degrees, which makes it possible to position the piece of wood at different angles. You will need this, for example, if you want to produce a wooden bowl or if you want to saw at a slight angle.

The table size, i.e. the sawing table, is neither too big nor too small, but there are also scroll saws with slightly more practical sawing tables, which, due to their size, offer storage space or make it easy to create larger workpieces.

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Which saw blades are ideal?

The SD1600V scroll saw is usually available with a 60-piece saw blade set as an accessory. This is an exceptional amount compared to other manufacturers who sometimes only supply 1 to 2 saw blades included.

The manufacturer advertises the quick-release lever as an easy way to change the saw blade, but the experience of some users shows that the assembly and replacement of a saw blade is more complicated than expected and that some skill was required. In the end, this will probably also depend on your previous knowledge and craftsmanship.

Advantages of the Scheppach SD1600V

  • Manual speed governor
  • Engine power good for an entry-level model
  • Favourable purchase costs
  • Flexible lamp that keeps the workpiece in view even in low daylight or relatively dark rooms
  • Low vibration
  • quick-release lever for easy change of saw blades
  • Flexible blower nozzle for a clear view of the workpiece
  • Use of pin saw blades and standard scroll saw blades

Disadvantages of Scheppach SD1600V

  • Plastic insert around the saw blade is not flush with the worktop
  • Loud blower
  • Tedious changing of the saw blades
  • Lamp only lights up when the saw is running
  • Holder is wobbly


Overall, this saw can only be recommended if you use it for private purposes with a leisure character. You can say that this is a high quality saw with a good performance and good sawing result, at least if you consider the really low purchase price.

For the price in the lower segment you actually get a very good machine. The Scheppach SD1600V scroll saw is thanks to the extensive equipment an ideal addition to your hobby workshop and is a recommendable, inexpensive alternative to very expensive models. You get a model with a very good price-performance ratio, which is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced wood enthusiasts. You can order the Scheppach SD1600V on the internet or buy it in a DIY store, sometimes you can even find it in various discounters.

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