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Scroll saw Multicut-2s from Hegner

A scroll saw allows you to work very filigree wood with millimetre precision, making the heart of the craftsman beat faster. If you want to buy a machine like this, you will find an unbelievable number of saws from different manufacturers that will make it difficult for you to make the right choice. Today we present you a model of the company Hegner – the scroll saw Multicut-2s.

Hegner, known as one of the leading manufacturers of precision equipment, has developed the Multicut-2s scroll saw. This is considered by experts to be the successor to the Multicut-1 and can be seen as a positive development. Even from the outside, the machine can be built on a solid base of cast aluminium. All parts are therefore well processed and cleanly joined together. This is an absolute optical plus.

This scroll saw is used in the private trade sector, but it can also be used without any problems in a woodworking company.

Technical specifications

The model Multicut-2s from the company Hegner is a scroll saw has a number of interesting technical data, which I will present here in the following.

If you first look at this model, you will notice the relatively large saw table, especially in direct comparison to other scroll saws. This is a big advantage, because it offers you enough space to place your workpiece on a large surface. This gives the craftsman a secure feeling in handling.



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With a weight of 19 kilograms, it is heavier than many other models. This can be clearly felt when setting up and assembling, but is advantageous when it comes to stability and vibration at the highest possible speed. With an output of 100 watts, it is significantly higher than many other entry-level models. The Power Records SS16V scroll saw, for example, only has a power of 75 watts and is therefore below the power of the scroll saw presented here. The motor speed of 1400 revolutions per minute also allows the craftsman to process thicker workpieces and saw plastic, hardwood and non-ferrous metals.

These performances also make the sawing of thin iron material, consisting of rods or thin bars, possible. This is an excellent criterion for the sawing experience and the sawing result, whereby the cutting thickness differs depending on the material. For example, for soft wood 65mm hardwood is 50mm, for plastic 40mm, for iron 6-8mm and for silver or brass 10mm. The throughput depth of the Hegner Multicut-2s scroll saw is 460 mm. According to the manufacturer, the lifting height is between 1 and 19 mm and the machine was also tested and found to be running at full speed and working excellently in this respect. No frayed edges or unclean cut edges could be observed.

The maximum table angle of the Hegner Multicut-2s scroll saw is 45 degrees. This makes it possible for the craftsman to set a specific sawing angle and also to saw at an angle. This works excellently.

The operating instructions of the Hegner Multicut-2s are designed in detail and with the help of numerous illustrations and exploded diagrams you can understand the function of this scroll saw very well. Even beginners will find it easy to use.

Saw blades

While other scroll saws only supply 1 to 2 saw blades as accessories, the Multicut-2s come with a complete set of saw blades. The set of saw blades is quite extensive. However, it is also possible to use saw blades from other well-known manufacturers if this seems necessary. The Multicut-2s convinces with flexible clamping springs, so that the saw blade can be easily replaced. Hegner supplies quick-release clamps as standard which make changing the saw blade uncomplicated.

Advantages of the Multicut-2s

  • convincing sawing quality
  • convincing sawing of different materials with adapted clearance height
  • 100 watts more power than other models
  • smooth sawing
  • little vibration
  • freedom of movement in the hands
  • relatively large storage area
  • clean cutting edges
  • the value for money is great, measured by the quality you get.
  • supplied quick-releases facilitate the exchange of the saw blades
  • quiet
  • blower not perfect, but compared to other manufacturers in order; the suction hose can be positioned as desired


  • stroke counter is unfortunately not part of the standard Hegner scroll saw, but can be purchased separately.
  • no adaptation of the sawing properties to the material to be processed as standard
  • relatively high costs


With the model presented here the advantages outweigh by far. The price is relatively high, but the quality is convincing enough to justify the higher price compared to other models.

In the end, it is certainly a question of taste and frequency of use that influences the consideration of whether to buy a more price-intensive model with excellent performance and a cheaper model with average performance. It is important that the craftsman has fun with his scroll saw and that it is easy for him to work with it. The Multicut-2s model is a very good alternative to other scroll saws.

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