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Scroll saw Proxxon 28092 with its advantages and disadvantages

The company Proxxon is the manufacturer of the scroll saw Proxxon 28092 and is considered with the variety of its products altogether as an all-rounder of the handicraft machines. With the scroll saw Proxxon 28092 he has developed a device which is considered a solid entry-level model in the field of scroll saws, which you can operate relatively easily and which impresses above all with its low price. In terms of price you invest in a good model.

A professional craftsman would probably not decide for this device, because the scroll saw does not meet the professional demands in processing, quality and performance.

For an entry-level model and a more privately used environment, however, its functionality as an absolutely satisfactory alternative to price-intensive models is completely sufficient and very well suited, so that you can gain your first experience in using a scroll saw.

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Features of the scroll saw Proxxon 28092

In the following you will be introduced to a few notable features of the Proxxon 28092 scroll saw. This beginner model described here is a 2-speed machine with an overall high engine power of 220 to 240 watts. In comparison with other manufacturers you will find a pretty good performance here. The speed, i.e. the revolutions per minute, is 900 or 1400, which you can comfortably control via a built-in speed controller.

At an angle of 45 degrees, the pass height is 50/25mm and the pass depth 400mm. The average lifting height is 19 mm. The saw blade length is 130mm. The Proxxon 28092’s saw table can be tilted up to 45 degrees to machine workpieces requiring different angles during woodworking.



With table dimensions of 36x18cm the saw table is relatively small. This makes it more difficult to place larger workpieces on the table and offers you less storage space compared to other scroll saw models. For the beginner in the field of filigree woodworking using a scroll saw however quite justifiable. In the field of professional woodworking, the craftsman probably attaches more importance to a corresponding size in the storage area.

The instruction manual of the scroll saw Proxxon 28092 is easy to understand and with the help of the instruction manual this model can also be assembled for a beginner without any problems. You only need a little more skill when inserting the saw blade.

With a weight of 20 kilograms, the scroll saw is relatively heavy. You will notice this when unpacking the saw, but it is advantageous when it comes to stability and slip resistance. The vibration when working in the high speed range is also lower with a solid weight and therefore promises a clean sawing result.

Saw blades

The Proxxon 28092 scroll saw comes with a total of 12 different saw blades. Within these 12 saw blades you can choose between 6 coarse and 6 fine saw blades. The range of saw blades supplied is considerably larger than that of other manufacturers.

The assembly, i.e. the clamping of a saw blade or the exchange of a saw blade, requires a lot of skill from you and is not as easy as it is the case with other manufacturers. You won’t find a sinkable saw blade guide on the Proxxon 28092 that is practical in the light of experience or that provides clues, such as notches or paints, that allow optimum saw blade tension.

With a little practice and enough patience you will succeed. But it takes a little more feeling than with other comparable models.

Advantages of the scroll saw Proxxon 28092

  • 12 saw blades included
  • High weight provides stability and slip resistance
  • Smooth running of the saw blade
  • High cutting quality
  • Costs relatively favourable
  • Operating instructions easy to understand, also for beginners
  • Low noise
  • The manufacturer offers a wide range of accessories.
  • Almost all parts can be ordered individually

Disadvantages of the scroll saw Proxxon 28092

  • Not always a clean cut, it can lead to fraying and unclean cut edges/ Cutting results still OK for this relatively inexpensive machine (cost)
  • Speed can only be regulated in 2 steps, 900 and 1400 revolutions per minute
  • Saw blade is not easy to insert or exchange
  • Blowers are satisfactory. Dust generation is relatively high compared to other scroll saws.
  • Positioning of the suction hose is not optimally adjustable for all woodwork.

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The Proxxon 28092 beginner model is particularly suitable for beginners in the use of a scroll saw. It is a model that performs well with small cutbacks in saw quality.

The relatively high weight of the scroll saw meets all requirements for stability, slip resistance and safety. All in all, the Proxxon 28092 scroll saw is a machine with relatively low costs when compared directly with other saws of this type and is absolutely suitable for trying out different types of work. The Proxxon 28092 is not recommended for use in professional woodworking.

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