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Scroll saw Record Power SS16V

You’ve always wanted to do the finest woodwork and you’ve been missing the right tools? Are you thinking of cut-out wooden figures, filigree cut-outs or wooden bowls? Then the scroll saw is the right tool for your projects.

Maybe you are already fit in handling a scroll saw and you are only looking for a great model, which you can use in your wood workshop? Maybe the field of the scroll saw is also new territory for you. In this case I can assure you that your decision for a scroll saw is an excellent choice, because after a short period of practice the scroll saw is a true all-rounder.

You cannot only saw or cut wood with it. Even metal and plastic can be cut with a scroll saw, as long as you take care to use a suitable saw blade.

With the scroll saw SS16V you are well advised as a beginner. This scroll saw was manufactured by Record Power. Record Power’s confidence in its own product is high, as you receive a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty when you purchase the SS16V scroll saw. This is an absolute advantage over other scroll saw manufacturers. In addition, the guidance of the machine is so easy that even beginners will quickly get used to the machine.

Scroll saw record power


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The Record Power scroll saw SS16V is particularly suitable for filigree and millimeter-precise woodwork as well as cutting out the finest contours. In the past, the well-known fretsaw was used for this purpose.

Advantages of the Record Power SS16V scroll saw

A decisive advantage for using a scroll saw, however, is the fact that you have both hands free when working to work your piece of wood the way you imagine it to be. From this point of view, the Record Power SS16V is an excellent alternative to traditional scroll saws, especially for beginners.

A decisive advantage for using a scroll saw, however, is the fact that you have both hands free when working to work your piece of wood the way you imagine it to be. From this point of view, the Record Power SS16V is an excellent alternative to traditional scroll saws, especially for beginners.

This scroll saw, however, can be assembled easily with a few, even inexperienced steps. This is an absolute advantage over other models. The operating instructions are easy to read, understand and follow.

At least with regard to the operation and maintenance of the device, it is completely sufficient. This is a big advantage compared to other manufacturers’ scroll saws, because it makes it easy for a beginner to deal with this device. After all, a scroll saw should give you pleasure in your craft and not remain a book with 7 seals.

  • 5 years manufacturer warranty
  • also suitable for beginners
  • filigree work is possible
  • simple manual
  • speed governor easy to adjust
  • wafer-thin saw blades included in delivery
  • good performance film
  • large storage surface
  • good value for money
  • accessories available


  • unsatisfactory lighting (check out the Scheppach scroll saw)
  • blower not 100% convincing (better solution is either Scheppach or Proxxon 28092)
  • high-quality saw blades from other suppliers recommended

Power of the scroll saw Record Power SS16V

The technical specifications of the Record Power SS16V are promising. With a power output of 75 watts in the midfield of saw manufacturers and a speed of 400 to 1600 revolutions per minute, the scroll saw is a suitable tool for you to fully enthuse about filigree woodwork in the private sector.

Setting the speed

You can adjust the speed comfortably and continuously by means of a speed regulator. Based on the experiences of the customers, the device does not have to hide in comparison with other models in this respect. The handling is quite simple and easy. Even with settings in the high speed range, the machine works without vibrations. The relatively high weight ensures that the machine shows stability and does not slip away. The easy operation of the speed regulator allows you to optimally adjust the speed of your saw to your needs and the demands of your wood processing. This way you can prevent your piece of wood from being canted or frayed at the edges.

Table inclination

In contrast to the fretsaw, which you can guide yourself with your hand, the scroll saw is a so-called standing saw. This has the advantage that you have both hands free and can therefore guide the piece of wood in a targeted manner, as well as ensuring a certain stability and slip resistance. The disadvantage is that not every sawing project is possible if the individual wooden parts can only be sawed at the same angle. For this reason it is important that the saw table can be tilted at a certain angle. This allows you to saw individual parts at an angle or evenly at a pre-defined angle. For this reason, most scroll saws have an adjustable saw table. With the Record Power SS16V, the maximum table inclination is reached at 45 degrees.

Further features

The passage height is 50 millimetres and the passage depth is 406 millimetres. The scroll saw has a lifting height of 21 millimetres. Its technical performance makes it a good alternative between a conventional entry-level model and a professional machine.

Saw blade

Record Power supplies two different saw blades as accessories for the SS16V scroll saw. One saw blade is with and one without pin. All in all, the scroll saw impresses with relatively thin saw blades, which are highly manoeuvrable and enable you to saw out fine particles and round shapes. For a single starter model like the one described here, the supplied saw blades are quite sufficient.

The different experiences have shown, however, that you can achieve much better results if you replace the supplied saw blades with a high-quality saw blade from other manufacturers. Replacing the saw blade is easy and has no disadvantages. The best thing to do is to try it out and see which saw blade offers the greatest advantages for your woodwork. After all, this is always a question of taste and your own demands on a scroll saw.


All in all, the SS16V scroll saw from Record Power offers good to very good quality and a wide range of performance, with which the beginner can be quite satisfied. In summary, the device is quite stable and convinces with a large work surface, so that you even have enough space to store your tools and material. The disadvantages are the working lights and the blower.

Both aspects could not convince here one hundred percent, but measured by the price-performance ratio this is to be represented also, since the quality otherwise corresponds to the expectations. With regard to the ratio of quality, performance spectrum and costs, the Record Power SS16V scroll saw is a very good purchase decision if you want to start woodworking with such a machine.

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