February 20, 2019

Scroll saw review

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EinhellProxxonScheppachRecord powerDremel
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Weight12,7 kg17 kg14 kg12,5 kg4,4 kg
Power120 Watt205 Watt300 Watt270 Watt70 Watt
Depth520 mm400 mm406 mm365 mm250 mm
Dimensions64 x 31 x 33,3 cm60 x 33 x 38,5 cm65 x 29 x 36 cm67,0 x 33,0 x 37,0 cm47,3 x 37,4 x 12,6 cm
Dust collecion
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Scroll Saw Review - Which is the best scroll saw?

With many products it is so that a very large variety available on the market makes the selection very difficult. It becomes particularly difficult when the price ranges are still quite far apart. For scroll saws, performance, equipment and much more also play a decisive role in the selection of the product. To make the selection easier for you, you can filter out the device that is best suited for you in the following comparison.

Which models of scroll saws have we reviewed?

The following comparison refers to a selection of the following devices:

  • Einhell scroll saw TC-SS 405 E
  • Proxxon scroll saw 28092 28 092 DSH
  • Scheppach scroll saw SD1600V
  • Dremel scroll saw MS20-1/5
  • Hegner scroll saw Multicut-2S

The best price: Cheap scroll saws beginner models

All except the Hegner scroll saw Multicut-2S are inexpensive scroll saws, which are more or less suitable for beginners depending on the location. Professionals who carry out sawing work on a daily basis should use a Hegner scroll saw such as the Hegner Multicut-2S.

How heavy are the models: Weight comparison

While the Dremel scroll saw has a plastic casing and the Einhell scroll saw has a die-cast aluminium casing. The Dremel Scroll Saw weighs just 4.6kg due to the plastic casing, while the Einhell Scroll Saw weighs more than twice as much, 9kg. The performance of the two saws is similar. The Scheppach has a grey cast iron housing, which is known to be heavier than aluminium. It weighs a proud 12.4 kg. The heaviest device is the Proxxon DSH. It weighs a proud 20 kg. And this despite the fact that the body is made of cast aluminium. This is of course good for the smooth running and stability.

Technical data of the scroll saws

While the Dremel has a rated power of 70W, the Einhell scroll saw has 120W. The Scheppach scroll saw with 90W lies exactly between the Dremel and the Einhell scroll saw.

The Dremel scroll saw can operate continuously at speeds between 1500 and 2250 rpm, while the Einhell only operates at 1600 rpm. The Scheppach can also be infinitely adjusted. The lifting speed here is between 550 and 1650 rpm. The Proxxon has a two-stage controller with which the lifting speed can be regulated between 900 and 1400 rpm.

Summary of advantages and disadvantages

The assembly of the Einhell or Scheppach is a bit more complicated than with the Dremel scroll saw. But with both it's no problem thanks to a detailed manual with lots of pictures.

One of the advantages of the Einhell scroll saw is the good workmanship. The Scheppach scroll saw also offers solid workmanship.

One of the disadvantages of the Einhell scroll saw is the privacy screen, which could be a bit more transparent. In contrast to the Dremel scroll saw, the saw quality is convincing even with harder woods. The Scheppach scroll saw could also learn from the sawing performance of the Einhell scroll saw. The sawing performance of the Proxxon scroll saw is quite good, but clamping the tool is very cumbersome. But it is possible to clamp saw blades with serrated teeth on all sides, with which you can make filigree cuts.

With both machines the vibrations are low. The Dremel scroll saw is not very sturdy, while the Einhell is very solid and has non-slip rubber feet for stable work. The wood hardly frays and the saw blade hardly sticks. With the Dremel scroll saw this is already pre-programmed for thicker and harder woods. The adjustment of the saw head by means of a rotary screw enables the Einhell TC-SS 405 E scroll saw to adjust the height of the saw head and thus to provide optimum visibility and working conditions. There is hardly any alternative for these costs.

The Dremel MS20-1/5 scroll saw is suitable for hobbyists and model builders because it can also be used as a mobile saw and is therefore independent of the place of use. The function of the Einhell allows the number of strokes to be adjusted so that it can be optimally adapted to the workpiece to be machined. With the help of the angle scale the saw table can be tilted, so that you can make exact inclination cuts. This is not possible with the Dremel. Changing accessories is more difficult with the Einhell than with the Dremel. The Dremel scroll saw has a lever for this, which makes the change very quick, but high tolerances in the tension do not keep the saw blade completely in the guide.


The Dremel is not the best when it comes to sawing quality, but it is a good choice for everyday hobby use and, above all, very cheap!
The Proxxon scroll saw 28092 28 092 DSH is our review winner. The only drawback is the weak dust removal. However, the quality is without doubt the best!

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