What can the new Stihl chainsaw MS 291 do?

Anyone who is more intensively involved with the subject of chain saws or even just goes through the DIY store cannot get past the Stihl. Years of experience are mixed with a good cost-performance ratio. The MS 291 chainsaw considered here is particularly well suited for firewood harvesting. Thanks to the long-term ventilation system and the economical 2-MIX motor, long filter service lives can be achieved. In addition, the tool-free tank caps allow safe and easy refuelling of the saw.

Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages here as well. These will now be examined in more detail, and the performance data, price, etc. of the chainsaw will be taken into consideration.

What performance data can the chainsaw show?

Based on the manufacturer’s data, the MS 291 chainsaw has the following technical performance data:

  • slide length 37-40 cm
  • displacement 55,5 cm³
  • power 2,8/3,8 kW/PS
  • weight 5,6 kg
  • power-to-weight ratio 2 kg/kW
  • system weight 6.59 / 6.68 kg
  • sound pressure level 103 dB(A)
  • sound power level 116 dB(A)
  • vibration value left/right 4,5/4,5 m/s²
  • CO2 939 g/kWh
  • saw chain pitch 3/8 “
  • STIHL Oilomatic saw chain type = Rapid Micro 3 (RM3)

How much does the chainsaw cost and what accessories are included?

Price and comparison against the market

The costs for the chain saw are usual on the market. For the model with a bar length (also known as saw blade) of 37cm, you have to calculate with 689 EUR, whereas the model with a bar length of 40cm is only slightly more expensive. With 701 EUR you only have to dig a little deeper into your pocket. Of course, this is the recommended retail price of the manufacturer, which means that the prices can be affected by fluctuations.

In a price comparison with other chainsaws, it should be noted that this is not only intended to saw off a small branch. With this saw you can cut down whole trees and process them easily on the spot. Especially at this point many competitor models are tired.

Chainsaw Stihl


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Which accessories are available for the chainsaw?

The included accessories are rather small. In addition to the saw itself, only a guide bar, a saw chain and a chain guard are included.

For this reason, it may be advisable to purchase additional accessories, as this will further facilitate work and give the chainsaw a longer life. So you can additionally buy a chainsaw case, a carrying bag for the chainsaw, a holder or even a laser that can be attached to the chainsaw and thus allows as accurate a cut as possible.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of chainsaws?

Advantages of the saw

In addition to those already mentioned at the beginning, there are, of course, others that should be briefly mentioned at this point:

  • Lateral chain tension: this makes it possible not to touch the sharp saw chain by hand, which significantly reduces the risk of injury.
  • STIHL antivibration system: This system ensures that vibrations at the grip points are significantly reduced. These vibrations can otherwise often be the cause of circulatory problems in the hands and arms.
  • Single lever operation: This means that the functions of the machine are controlled with just one lever. This means that the right hand can always remain on the handle, which significantly increases safety.
  • Compensator: This allows longer working intervals, as the performance of the saw is constantly high even when the air filter is slightly dirty.
  • Ematic system: Thanks to this system, oil consumption is reduced by up to 50%. In addition, the environment is also spared, as unnecessarily many lubricants can be avoided.
  • STIHl four-channel technology: This technology enables high torque over a wide speed range and significantly reduces fuel consumption.

Disadvantages of the saw

This saw has no real disadvantages. Only the target group of the saw is not exactly defined. So the saw is definitely too strong for the hobby gardener, because a weaker one is sufficient, like Husqvarna 543 XP G. So one could think that the saw543 XP G is rather a professional tool, since the price is already rather in the price category medium-high. However, the chainsaw is too weak for a professional.

What conclusion can we draw from our considerations?

Basically, the Stihl chainsaw MS 291 is a top machine at an acceptable price. You can see that years of experience are involved here, as a lot of importance is attached to safety and effectiveness. If you now own a little forest and have to do regular work in it, this chainsaw is exactly the right choice.

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