Tacklife PES01A Mini Circular Hand Saw – Performance, Advantages, Costs and More

Today Tacklife is one of the most popular power tool manufacturers in the industry and has earned a reputation for consistently producing impressive tools that are ideal for handymen and professionals. One of these tools is the Tacklife PES01A Mini Circular Hand Saw, which has become one of the brand’s most popular circular saws. The success of the PES01A can be traced back to the affordable price and the variety of functions. In this article we show you all the advantages and disadvantages as well as other features of this mini circular hand saw.

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The Tacklife PES01A was first available online at the end of 2017 and quickly received positive reviews from dedicated hobbyists and professionals. Today, the saw is one of Tacklife’s most popular products, mainly thanks to the 2 HP motor with pure copper and practical accessories.

The Tacklife PES01A is a 7.25 inch saw that is powered via a 12.5 A connector and has many features and functions. These include a range of attachments for blades of different sizes, a guide rail, a charging vacuum cleaner, a powerful rechargeable battery and a guide laser.
Circular hand saw Tacklife


We will discuss these and other functions in detail below.

The performance at a glance

The 12.5 A motor with cable gives you 4500 rpm. With the high power you can penetrate most materials, such as wood, tiles and softer metals. Included are a 24-ton (serrated) blade and a 40-ton blade, the latter being preferable for harder materials. Compared to other 7.25-inch saws, the PES01A is quite easy to use.

Two things that may not be immediately clear with the PES01A are attachments for a shop vacuum cleaner and 5/8″ mandrels. The 5/8″ mandrel attachment extends the possibilities of the PES01A for those who want to use blades larger or smaller than the standard 7.25″. The saw already has an integrated blower to clean the front dust area. However, these blowers are known to be unreliable. The PES01A fan holds up pretty well, but can’t clean the workplace as well as a vacuum cleaner can.

An overview of all functions

The Tacklife PES01A features a lightweight design that allows it to be used for extended periods with minimal damage. This makes it a good choice for those who often spend hours working on a single project. The low weight facilitates control of the saw and increases accuracy, as does the integrated laser guide. The laser guide is one of the characteristic features of Tacklife. This makes the PES01A the ideal tool for anyone who wants to cut straight lines. Like any good manufacturer of power tools, Tacklife’s main concern is the safety of its customers. For this reason, the PES01A has a double switch system to eliminate the risk of starting the saw before you start working.

The Tacklife PES01A is a simple tool but thanks to the additional accessories it is one of the best circular saws of all price ranges. As mentioned earlier, the Tacklife PES01A has two razor-sharp blades: a 20-tooth blade and a 40-tooth blade to improve the saw’s cutting capabilities. These blades can be assembled and disassembled using the Allen key included with the Tacklife at the time of purchase.

The only disadvantage is the lack of a tool-less blade change. It is not that this impairs the function of the saw. However, it can be strenuous in the long run when work requires a constant change of saw blade.

Features of the Tacklife Circular Hand Saw

Summary of performance and functional characteristics

  • the 2.5 A motor with pure copper and a speed of 4500 rpm makes cutting easier
  • with laser guide and adjustable angle for precise cutting
  • lightweight aluminum alloy protection provides added durability
  • extra 40-tooth blade can be used for cutting wood, tiles, plywood and soft metal
  • double switch control guarantees additional safety
  • integrated dust blower keeps the cutting line free of sawdust
  • lightweight housing for easier handling
  • soft, non-slip rubberized handle

Who is this product for?

The key determinant of PES01A is price. There are saws on the market with the same speed and amps, which are twice as expensive. Due to the relatively low price and the ability of the Tacklife PES01A to cut through a variety of materials, it is a great choice for dedicated hobbyists who spend a few hours a week in their garages.

Young professionals and apprentices will also appreciate this saw because it provides them with a professional tool to learn their profession without spending too much money.

If you are a homeowner with no interest in DIY, but are looking for a circular saw to keep in your home if ever needed, the Tacklife PES01A is less suitable. Although the price is lower compared to many circular saws, this is not a legitimate purchase unless you intend to use it regularly. Basic circular saws for any application are available for almost half the price of the Tacklife PES01A and are better suited for simple storage.

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The PES01A has managed to establish Tacklife as one of the best manufacturers of circular saws and proves that it is indeed possible to get professional performance for little money. This makes them the perfect alternative to the higher priced models, such as the winner of our comparison.

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