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Timberpro Chainsaw – Perhaps your exact match?

You want to get rid of the tree in your garden? The firewood still has to be cut? The old chainsaw is broken? One thing is clear: a new chainsaw is needed. All that remains is the question: Which one? In order to create a little clarity in the chainsaw jungle, we present here a model of the all-round saw with all its details of advantages, disadvantages, costs over alternative brands up to contained accessories.

The most important key data

The chainsaw of the brand Timberpro presented here can be found with full product name as Timberpro chainsaw 62 cm³, 3.6 PS, saw blade 50 cm in DIY stores and on various websites.

As the name already reveals, it has a cubic capacity of 62 cm3, the power is 3.6 HP and the saw blade has a length of 50 centimeters. The latter can also be replaced by a 60 cm long one.

Kettensaege timberpro


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Its weight is 5.6 kilograms without chain and sword and the chain has 76 links at a pitch of 325 with 1.5 mm and is automatically lubricated. The chain tensioner can be easily adjusted to the side.

In addition, the saw has a carburettor with primer pump and a smooth-running cable starter.

More about the engine details

The two-stroke engine of the chainsaw is air-cooled and has a cylinder. It is refueled with a mixture in a ratio of 25:1 and has a volume of 550 ml.

The chain oil tank has a capacity of 260 ml.

What else is included?

The purchase price of about 120 to 130 Euro (on the Internet, price may vary slightly from page to page) includes two chains and two saw blades (50 cm and 60 cm). Also included are a bag for storing and transporting the chainsaw, a saw blade protector, a measuring cup for measuring the fuel mixture, the instructions in German and the necessary assembly tools.

Cheap but great

Even if the quite economical price doesn’t seem too promising at first glance, the saw has a lot to offer.

The weight (with a full tank between 6.5 and 7 kg) is not exactly light, but this is compensated by the good position of the handles. Not only in the hand, but also on the ground the saw is fixed. Makita DCS4630-38 was the lightest saw we used and reviewed. Check it out here.

Another big advantage of the chainsaw is its performance. It can even compete with brand name saws.

In addition, many users report that the saw sawed reliably even in heavy rain and temperatures around freezing.

And… the catch? What can be said is that the quality of the saw chains is appropriate to the purchase price. This means that they are sufficient for hobby use. However, those who carry out longer and more intensive sawing work should invest in a more expensive and higher quality saw chain, like this Stihl chainsaw. It also consumes a lot of fuel. Measured in terms of performance, however, even this is not a pro forma disadvantage. 


For all hobby sawers: clear recommendation! The price-performance ratio of the chainsaw is unbeatable. In addition to reliability for not too demanding sawing work, it scores with extensive accessories. If you take care of the chainsaw with a little oil after use, you can also expect it to have a quite respectable durability. Even saw chains that are not comparable to brand chains are certainly helped by a chain saw sharpener.

Not what you had in mind?

Those who still carry out smaller jobs do not always need a chainsaw with petrol. Maybe an electric saw will do?

If this small chainsaw and also an allround saw are not enough for you, you should of course buy a more useful model.

If you need a saw for felling trees, you can think about buying a felling saw model from the beginning. Saws that users have found good here are for example Husqvarna 357XPG 40cm 3/8 or Stihl MS 201 35cm 3/8P.

Still not sure which chainsaw to choose? In our review of all chainsaws you can compare these products more closely.

f the focus is on pruning and caring for trees, one of the many telescopic chainsaws (high caliper) on offer is the right choice. Recommended models are the Matrix EPS 900-c electric chainsaw or the Bosch AMW 10.

If the expected field of application is roofing and carpentry rather than gardening or the forest, one of the Top Handle chainsaws is probably the best choice. These are very well suited for narrow and inaccessible sawing areas. Models such as the Stihl MS193 T – 35 cm 3/8P1.3 chainsaw and the Makita Top Handle battery-powered chainsaw count as well.

Last but not least the carving saws should be mentioned. Carving comes from English and means carving. Therefore these small, mostly quite light chainsaws are perfect for removing branches from trees as well as for carving tree trunks. Saw models that are very popular in this category are the Alpina AC 27 TC and the Stihl MS 170.

Now the do-it-yourself fun can begin! Well informed about the Timberpro and possible alternatives you will surely find the right one in the confusion of chainsaw offers!

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